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tattoos for recovery rynski

Tattoos for recovery: How not to regret them

For the record, I got my first tattoo in 1986. Long before tattoos hit the mainstream popularity of today. Even though my M.O. is to rebel against anything that becomes popular, I didn’t rebel against tattoos. And no, not just because it would be annoying to get them removed (although I did get that first …

living in the moment dogs

Living in the moment: Habit learned from dogs

I fell in love with dogs about six years into my recovery, and I’ve never been the same since. The more I loved them, the more I learned from them. One of the greatest lessons my dogs continue to teach me is how to live in the moment. Check out how this works in this …

download vibrational frequency chart

Boost your vibrational frequency for a high vibe life

Whether it’s a cockroach or a dazzling gemstone, everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. You can often feel the vibrational levels of certain objects – especially the ones that give off creepy vibes. You can also pick up on the vibes of other folks, again, especially when they’re creepy. What’s your vibrational frequency? …