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dog love sawyer gargulinski

Meet the dog that taught me how to love

My first real love in adulthood love wasn’t tall, dark and handsome. He was lean, brindle and walked on all fours. That’s because he was a dog. His name was Sawyer, and it definitely had not been love at first sight. In fact, the first time I saw him I didn’t even give him a …

reiki explained

Reiki explained: Reiki benefits and FAQ

My arms hurt like hell a few years back. So bad, I could barely bend them without wincing in agony. I had double tendonitis in both elbows, most likely caused by hours spent every day on my computer sitting in some weird, cramped-up position. I tried copper cuffs, healing balms, special exercises and all kinds …

living in the moment dogs

Living in the moment: Habit learned from dogs

I fell in love with dogs about six years into my recovery, and I’ve never been the same since. The more I loved them, the more I learned from them. One of the greatest lessons my dogs continue to teach me is how to live in the moment. Check out how this works in this …