Let's Heal Together

Time alone doesn’t heal you. Action does. Explore the options for healing your body, mind and soul.


Ready to stop screaming?

The minute we’re born we start screaming (and grieving). As the outer world shapes and mangles us over the years, we only scream louder from there.

I only stopped screaming when I realized I had been approaching life the wrong way. I had been pinning all my hopes and dreams on the chaotic outer world to deliver what I need.

HINT: It never will.

Once I turned my attention to the inner spiritual world, life became downright intriguing – and even fun.

The same can happen for you.

I help the fed-up and weary reclaim their vibrancy by teaching them how to live in a perpetual state of love.

My “Hell on Earth” book gives you a glimpse of this perpetual state. And my coaching mastermind shows you how to live there.

Schedule a free call with me to see if you qualify for my mastermind.

'ryn is a spiritual powerhouse'

-S.B. Physical Therapist

“My sincerest thank you! Rynski helped me get out of my black hole and into a prestigious community-based job with a mission I adore. Much gratitude.”

-L.H., Rep for Animal Organization

'Ryn's energy is so vibrant

You just want to be in her space.’

-C.C. Beauty Consultant

Latest Creation: The Big Book of Illustrated Affirmations

big book of illustrated affirmations ryn gargulinski


I write quirky books. Create semi-creepy art. Spend way too much money on dog toys and crystals. Laugh so loud it makes people turn and stare. And I’ve never been happier in my life. 

I didn’t get drunk, get stalked, get homeless and then get sober and spiritual just to sit on my butt and play the Scrabble app (although I do that on weekends).

 I’m here to help other people fall in love with and rejoice in who they really are. To break out of their self-made cocoons. To discover and live in their purpose. 

This life is mine and I’m claiming it. Join me when you’re ready to claim yours, too. 

ryn gargulinski rynski coach

“Life is one big rollercoaster. You can hold on with a death-grip and pray for it to stop.

Or you can stop attempting to control it, then sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Ryn Gargulinski

You’re done with the weariness. And ready for the wow.

I know because I’ve been there.


Whether it’s a job you’ve come to hate, a path that’s become mundane, or a way of life that no longer brings you joy, you’re done. So done.

And so ready for what’s next.

I’m here to guide you into that next chapter, with direction from the Universe along the way. 

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Lifestyle Coaching + Consulting

Take your next step with confidence, grace and support from the Universe (and Rynski!).

Lifestyle Coaching | Creative Business Consulting | Co-Creating with the Universe

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Reiki Energy Therapy

Tap into the joy of Reiki, an energy therapy to reduce pain, alleviate stress and make you feel amazing.  

Online Reiki | Cape Coral Reiki | Reiki Certifications

live in the magic with rynski

Live in the Magic

Explore options to help you live in the magic at the Rynski Magic website. Enjoy affirmations, books, illustration downloads, creativity + play.

Live in the Magic with Rynski

Spiritual coaching for healing


My goal is to help you reclaim your vibrancy by teaching you how to love again with my grief recovery system. My system is featured in my mastermind, which share the same name as my book: “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome.” It’s designed for  healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Book  a free strategy session to see if the mastermind is right for you. 


Release the things that are stifling your flame: anger, resentments, fears, blocked energy, buried emotions, habits, addictions and ways of thinking that no longer serve you.


Enter a balanced state where your old baggage is gone and you’re burning bright and strong. You have yet to accumulate any new baggage. Your goal here is to keep it that way.


Soaring means doing what  you can to keep your vibrational frequency as high as possible at any given moment. Doing what you love. Loving what you do. Being the sensation you were meant to be.

rynski hell on earth book

‘I Can see why ryn’s writing wins awards’

New Book

by Ryn Gargulinski

Rynski went from a scruffy drunken rebel without a house on the streets of New York City to an award-winning writer, artist and speaker thriving in Florida (who is only scruffy every other Thursday).

This book tells you how it happened, complete with handy tips along the way. Come along for the ride, and you’ll discover:

  • How to get out of kissing a scrawny squatter without making him mad
  • What happens when you drink an entire bottle of gin in 52 seconds
  • Why it’s dangerous to date people who keep crossbows under their bed
  • Tips for attaining, maintaining and falling in love with a life in recovery
  • How to create a personalized spiritual connection that gives you everything you need to thrive…and more!

This journey of recovery and self-discovery comes with real-life lessons and strategies for making magic in your own life. 

Written in Ryn’s brutally honest, no-nonsense style, get ready to laugh, learn and perhaps pick up a lesson or two about transforming even the greatest hell into something that helps you grow and soar. 


Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it.