Ryn makes people better. And I like better people.

- Todd G., Artist

When the world has gone mad, you don’t have to follow.

Stay serene in the face of anything with Rynski Coaching + Reiki.

Ryn has gone out and grabbed life by the short hairs and made her challenges her b****. She now helps others do the same.

- Mary A., Librarian

I don’t just care about my happiness. I care about yours.

We all deserve lives filled with happiness, freedom and success.
My purpose is to help you get there.
Ryn Gargulinski | Certified Professional Coach | Reiki Master
Writer | Artist | Entrepreneur

Ryn is knowledgeable, fun and brings a burst of brightness to any day. You just want to be in her space.

- Chelci C, Beauty Consultant

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I want to super-charge my entire life.

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I want to get rid of pain and stress.

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Client Success: From Mourning to Married

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We love having you as a partner in our business, and value your contributions so much!

M.C.chef and caterer

You clever and talented lady. Oh Ryn, we’re so fortunate to have you. We’re all out here loving you.

‘Ryn can help you get your dazzle back’

"Ryn puts her heart, soul and talent into her life coaching practice. She is an accomplished artist and writer, and she brings those gifts in to play throughout the process of working together. I love the way she incorporates her unique art into the work materials, which can help make even the most serious issue seem a little lighter. It's such a fresh approach, and applicable to any kind of recovery, not just from addiction but also relationships, illnesses, or any life transitions that have knocked you down and drained your dazzle."
-Kasia Y, Health Coach

B.B.reader and fan

The 12 Steps for Everyone is book is a must for anyone looking for straightforward solutions to life's problems. Ryn has an amazing sense of humor and tons of knowledge. She transforms what could have been a tedious and dry subject of working through the steps into a truly enjoyable experience.

B.K.reader and fan

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing the Dear Alcohol letter. I read it frequently because I would have had 20 years sobriety had I not succumbed to Alcohol’s tricks. I now have almost 17 months again, and your letter helps me stay motivated. Thanks for sharing!

W.B.founder and CEO of online platform

You're the best, inspiring me along to sort out my challenge.

B.J.homecare industry employee

You are so my wise adorable modern era guru.....I like that rap about the work-sleep, work-sleep trap.

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