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commitment ceremony rynski beezel

How to create your own commitment ceremony

We did it. After about 10 years of being together and having to continuously explain what “perpetually engaged” meant, my beau and I finally made it official. Yes, we did the big thing: we got married in our own special way. While we still didn’t go the traditional wedding route, we did one better. We …

reiki explained

Reiki explained: Reiki benefits and FAQ

My arms hurt like hell a few years back. So bad, I could barely bend them without wincing in agony. I had double tendonitis in both elbows, most likely caused by hours spent every day on my computer sitting in some weird, cramped-up position. I tried copper cuffs, healing balms, special exercises and all kinds …

create own physical pain

How we create our own accidents, injuries and physical pain (no kidding!)

I woke up the other morning and I could barely move. A pain in my lower left back was so big and bold it was eating my entire body. Yikes is right. While the first thought for many of us would have been to grab for the ibuprofen, mine was a totally different thought altogether: …