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outwit negative thinking fish chase

Quick trick to outwit negative thinking

Negative thoughts are tricky little devils. But we humans can be even trickier. Check out a rather amusing way to outwit negative thinking that’s worked for me every time. It’s right here in the Rynski 3-Minute Share vlog. So pull up a chair and enjoy! Rynski 3-Minute Share: Outwit Negative Thinking Outwit Negative Thinking: Outline …

download vibrational frequency chart

Boost your vibrational frequency for a high vibe life

Whether it’s a cockroach or a dazzling gemstone, everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. You can often feel the vibrational levels of certain objects – especially the ones that give off creepy vibes. You can also pick up on the vibes of other folks, again, especially when they’re creepy. What’s your vibrational frequency? …