Whether you glance at my bathroom mirror, my tarot card desk or the chicken-shaped magnet board by the fridge, you’ll see positive affirmations everywhere. They’re written on neon index cards, illustrated with cartoons and framed, or incorporated into paintings on the wall.

  • I am worthy.
  • It’s all about the joy buckets.
  • I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to the same. (This one comes from Gay Hendricks’ book “The Big Leap” = love it!)

Positive affirmations can be amazing, life-changing tools – or not. There may be times you’ve repeated your affirmations until you’re purple in the face but nothing seems to change. I know because I’ve been there. But I also discovered two main things that could stop positive affirmations from working, and fast.

You don’t gut out the junk beneath them

If you try to pile positive affirmation on top of a messed-up set of beliefs, the affirmations are going to fall flat. You first have to clean up the beliefs and gut out the junk so the affirmations stick. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re focusing on an affirmation that says you’re wealthy beyond belief. But then you keep spending money on boots you don’t need, refuse to pay your bills, and consistently tell yourself how you’re always broke and horrible with finances. All those behaviors and beliefs are working so hard and loud, positive affirmations don’t have a chance in heck of being heard.

It’s like putting eyeliner an on infected eye. You can try to pretty it up all you want, but the infection still lurks beneath.

You’re not in a high vibe zone

The high vibe zone is where all the beautiful, serene and spiritual things float around. The low vibe zone is where you find negative attitudes, unwashed socks and messy sinks. Trying to attract the goals of your positive affirmations when you’re in a low vibe zone is akin to calling a sweet, lovable puppy into a den of rabid, mangy jackals. The puppy isn’t going to come.

Positive outcomes from your positive affirmations aren’t going to come when you’re wallowing in woe, steeped in self-pity, ignited with anger or otherwise in a low vibe, non-receptive state. Like always attracts like, so you’re not likely to get the happy results you seek when you’re in the pit of miserable.

The same thing can happen with prayers. The more high vibe and uplifted you are when you pray, the more likely your positive prayers will come to fruition. That’s not to say that prayers can’t be answered when you’re down and out, but it can be much tougher for the miracles to come through.

Exceptions to positive affirmation ‘rules’

Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, which is a dang good thing. That’s because those exceptions often come when we need them most. I remember praying for my drunken hell to end before I entered recovery, especially in one dramatic scene when I was on my knees screaming “God, please make this STOP!”

I got up and drank the next day. But recovery did come soon after, even though I had been in the lowest of low vibe zones possible.

Others have noted how they used positive affirmations to increase self-love, even without gutting out the junk first or believing a word of what the affirmation said.

So you can still use affirmations all you wish, even if you’re feeling low vibe or full of negativity. Just know they’re more apt to come to life when you start with a clear head, uplifted soul and an all-around positive mindset.

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