Have you ever had a moment, or perhaps an entire day, where everything unfolds beautifully, naturally and beneficially? Time seems to evaporate, and you may even enter a trance-like state as you move in total harmony and peace without judgment or the need to control.

Yeah, it’s pretty dang cool. And that’s a general overview of what it means to be in the flow.

What being in the flow means

If you want to get more specific with the definition of being in the flow, it can be summarized by a few key characteristics. Being in the flow means you:

  • Accept where you are and what you’re doing as the way everything is supposed to be
  • Don’t try to change, control or manipulate the situation
  • Allow things to unfold as they will
  • Enjoy ease, effortlessness and complete concentration on what’s in front of you
  • Experience a balance of challenge and skills
  • Merge awareness and action, far from the annoying voices in your head
  • Are often tickled pink when everything falls into place naturally, beautifully and without all that anxiety and stress that comes with trying to micromanage every millisecond of your life.

Meet the Father of Flow

Being in the state of flow is a concept that stems from positive psychology, specifically from its cofounder Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, aka the Father of Flow. A prisoner of war during World War II, Csikszentmihalyi noted how many people were unable to attain even a hint of happiness when their worldly possessions and positions were lost during the war.

He wanted to know what REALLY made people happy. He discovered it wasn’t external factors, but internal ones – like being in a state of flow.

Where you are if you’re not in the flow

Being in the flow is not only highly conducive to happiness and creativity, but it’s by far the best option out there. If you’re not in a state of flow, you must be having one helluva crappy time elsewhere. Those places can include:

  • Trying to swim upstream against the tide
  • Violently thrashing in an attempt to get out of the water
  • Standing on the riverbank watching life pass you by
  • Drowning

Yep, being in the flow is definitely where you want to be.

Here’s a quick video on what being in a state of flow often looks like for me. It likes to come when I’m writing books or creating rynski art.

What being in the flow looks like

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