Whether it’s money, love, serenity or pictures of our dogs, most of us humans are seeking more of something in our lives.

But we’re not going to get it unless we do this one thing first. Check out this week’s Rynski 3-Minute Share vlog to find out what that thing is.

Rynski 3-Minute Share: Stop self-sabotage

Stop self-sabotage: Fix 1 of 4 – Outline and Podcast

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The subconscious upper limit.

All humans want to get ahead, enjoy lives full of abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

  • But our brain does a weird thing that stops us from getting there.
  • Whether we realize it or not, it sets an upper limit.
  • And whenever we start to go above that limit, we consciously or subconsciously go into self-sabotage mode.
  • That’s right.

We keep OURSELVES locked in a state of constant lack.

How do we self-sabotage?

  • We can come up with tons of ways.
  • But four self-sabotage habits are at the top of the list.
    • The list and upper limit idea comes from psychologist Gay Hendricks.
    • It was brought to my attention in the DailyOm course by Edward Vilga.
    • We’ll start with the first one on the list.

One way we self-sabotage is with low self-worth.

My new wealth coach (LOVE this woman!) actually landed on this one at our first meeting.

I told her I was going on these wild spending sprees that were systematically draining my bank account.

  • She asked why.
    • “Because I need new things.”
  • Why?
    • “To make me feel better.”
  • Why?
    • “To prove to myself I’m important.”
  • Why?
    • Because deep in my soul … I feel unworthy.


And wow. It was like a weight was lifted and big spotlight turned on.

(Go four levels beneath the WHY and you’ll find some amazing answers.)

  • My low self-worth was fueling all kinds of undesirable actions.
  • Like buying five pairs of harem pants I never intended to wear (but they were on sale!).
  • Worse yet, low self-worth was an absolutely lie.

A lie that’s been reinforced over the years.

  • It likely came to me when I was about 3 years old, she explained.
  • Some situation, occurrence or negative spark got into my head and told me I was unworthy.
  • The lie repeated itself over decades.
  • And now it made me buy harem pants.

All of us are worthy.

All of us are enough. More than enough.

  • But when we don’t think so, we wreck our own chances of rising to the top of wherever it is we want to go.
  • How’d I fix it?


I went back to that 3-year-old child within and told her:

“Hey, I don’t know where you got that info, but it’s simply not true.”

  • Then I reinforced it with a painting of that child, declaring “I am worthy!”
  • All with a yellow background to add a dash of happiness.
  • I reinforce it further with daily habits that reset my thinking.
  • That tell me I am indeed worthy.
  • And that I don’t need five pairs of harem pants to prove it.
  • It’s working.
  • And it can work for you.
  • Give it a go!
  • And schedule a free consultation if you want help with it or other jimmalajazz in your life.
Make art that reinforces your worthiness. It works!

I help amazingly creative women who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

Podcast: Rynski 3-Minute Share – Stop self-sabotage: Fix 1 of 4

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