Do all your years kind of blend together into one big blob? You wonder where the heck the time goes, and when all those goals you set at the beginning of each year might actually come to fruition.

The answer, unfortunately, may be never. Because, as they say:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

And unless you do start doing something differently, next year will blend into the next will blend into the next for the rest of your life.

Take action NOW to change all that.

12 Week Transformation: Wake Up & Live 

It’s time to break out of the habitual patterns holding you back – and emerge as a brand new you. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll know how to trade:

  • Regrets for freedom
  • Fear for confidence
  • Relationships that drain for relationships that inspire  
  • Self-loathing for self-love
  • “Woe is me” to “WOW is me”

How to Change Your Life: The Game Plan

We’ll take an exciting dive into an evidence-based plan for living that has transformed millions of lives: The 12 Steps – in a version I adapted in my workbook The 12 Steps for Everyone. That means you get all the amazing benefits of this spiritual plan for living without all the hangovers and blackouts that typically precede them.

You don’t have to hit rock bottom — in any area — to catapult your life to the top. You don’t have to be in recovery, either. Best of all? You can start at any time. And what better time than NOW?

“Ryn has an amazing sense of humor and tons of knowledge. She transforms what could have been a tedious and dry subject of working through the steps into a truly enjoyable experience that can lead anyone to a peaceful, less stressful and more fulfilling life.” – BB, fashion designer

Schedule and Sessions

This online course meets for one hour a week for 12 weeks. Contact me to learn more or set up a schedule that works for you.

Each session includes 45 minutes of discussion, followed by 10 minutes of Reiki.   

Each week we cover a new step, with a discussion, homework and real-life applications that put the steps into work in your life ASAP. Nope, you won’t be simply sitting around talking theory. You’ll be actually living a high-vibe, spiritual life designed to blow your mind.

How do I know that? Because I’ve been through the 12 steps multiple times – which is why I’m so thrilled to share them with others.

What the 12 Steps did for me

When I first entered recovery in 1999, I wanted nothing to do with the steps. I just didn’t want to die. And drinking had me on death’s door at the age of 29. As the alcohol cleared out of my system, I immediately felt better. More proof, thought I, that I didn’t need the steps.

But then things got oh-so-real. That pink cloud was gone and real life began to set in. I began to feel even WORSE than I did when I was drinking. So I asked someone how much longer I could wait before I started the steps. The answer was simple:

“How much longer do you want to feel miserable?”

My first go-around with the steps was profound, transforming my life completely. I was no longer hopeless, miserable and full of shame, guilt, fear and anger. I was elevated, relieved, cleansed of past regrets, roadblocks and old emotions. I tasted serenity and joy. I knew I wanted more, more, more!

I have since been through all the steps several times, and use certain steps regularly to attack issues when they arise. Each go-round takes me to an ever deeper and sweeter level. The same can happen for you.

  • Reserve your spot with a $97 deposit.
  • Balance of billed in two installments.
  • Get a special rate if you bring a pal.
12 steps for everyone rynski book cover

What’s Included:

  • 12 (twelve) one-hour coaching sessions via Zoom
  • 1 (one) one-hour personal coaching phone session
  • 12 Steps for Everyone workbook
  • An amazing journey that blows your mind

“I loved the humorous way the [Ryn] delves deeply into each step. I recommend this for everyone, in recovery or not. This book clearly lays out a plan how YOU CAN BE THE BEST YOU possible.” – LP, manager

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Podcast: 12 Week Transformation – Rynski Holistic Coaching

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