You know those days. We’ve all had them. Those days that start off bad and just get worse. Perhaps you woke up cranky from lack of sleep. Then spilled your last cup of vanilla caramel coffee all over your morning journal. Then accidentally dropped your toothbrush in the toilet.

Whatever the case, you’re ready to bite someone’s head off. That’s not a good place to be.

Whenever you feel stuck in a low vibration zone, it’s crucial to get out of it, and fast. If you loiter in a low vibe zone, you’ll just attract even more low-vibe thoughts, feelings and situations your way.

The fastest and easiest way to get out of the low vibe trap is to dive into an activity that blasts you into a high vibration zone. Here come some of my favorites – and yes, for the record, jubilate IS a word.

How to blast into a high vibe zone

Ask your angels and spirit guides to give you a boost

Bathe in crystal-infused water

Call a friend who brings you up

Drink water, especially crystal-infused water

Drink Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks or fresh-pressed juice

Eat fresh fruit

Enjoy an instant Dazzle Card perk-me-up

Find a sweet spot in nature

Get a massage, a facial, a really cool haircut

Give of yourself (without expecting anything in return)

Hook up that essential oil diffuser to get some aromatherapy going on

Hug your dog, your cat, the love of your life, a pal

Improve your surroundings: dust, vacuum, scrub, de-clutter

Jump, run, hike, bike, stretch, do yoga – move a muscle, change a thought – just get up and exercise


Kiss your cat, kid, dog or special someone on the cheek (even though Grandma P used to say you’d get leukemia from kissing a cat)

Light incense, a candle, that batch of sage you got at the fair, the one that attracted your dog so vehemently that he knocked over the vendor table to get to it

Listen to music that speaks to your soul

Make a marvelous, super-charged gratitude list


Notice and appreciate the beauty around you

Open the window to get some fresh air

Organize your junk drawer; start calling it a cool doodad drawer

Play with glass paints

Play the piano, castanets, singing bowls; just play!

Pray for help letting go of all that deflates you

Quiet your mind by staring at an orange (which also has been known to get rid of headaches)

Relax with Reiki

Rub each chakra, clockwise, as you inhale and exhale deeply

Sing in the shower, in the car, or into your pillow (if you’re shy)

Surrender your need to control

Take 36 deep breaths, imagining the tension draining with each exhale, divine energy enlivening with each inhale

Take a big, delicious whiff of peppermint essential oil

Try something uplifting you’ve never done before

Unleash your creativity

Unleashing ideas: Cook, draw, paint, sculpt, weld a bunch of yard debris together

Visualize yourself chilling out in your favorite place

Walk instead of drive (as long as your destination isn’t 52 miles away)

Wash your face, massage your face, put on some tingly face lotion

Xeriscape, landscape, frolic in your garden

Yacht around the world – OK, this one may not be all that fast  

Zone out with a delightful nap (one of my favorites, every day)

Feel free to mix, match, mingle and try any or all of the activities on the list. When you determine which options work best for you, make your own list of ways you can quickly and merrily zoom into a high vibe zone. Then share your own list with others, so we can all find our favorite ways to jubilate.

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

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