“Bad things always happen to me.” “I was born under a bad sign.” “What’s the point? Nothing gets better anyway.” Yikes! You may know folks that talk like this once in a while (or even all the time).

They are definitely no fun to hang around. They’re giant vacuums that suck the life right out of you. And that’s just one of the results of living in a low-vibrational frequency: A really crummy attitude.

Our attitude is largely determined by our emotions, and our emotions largely determine our attitude. Our emotions are likewise what determine where we rank on the vibrational scale. If you want to raise your vibrational level and start feeling fabulous, you can take action that takes you up into a higher emotional state.

Aren’t emotions beyond our control?

We might have heard that our emotions are beyond our control. Which is true – up to a point. We may have a knee-jerk reaction to something that plunges us into a terribly cranky, disgusted or teed-off mood. So yes, that particular emotional reaction may be out of our control at the moment.

BUT! we don’t have to stay in that agitated state. We can get out of that mood before it ruins our day and starts attracting more disgusting things our way.

A helpful step for climbing out of an undesirable state and into a glorious one is being aware of what those states are. An amazing and intelligent pal shared a scale he put together, based on info from Abraham-Hicks, David Hawkins, and Law of Attraction Training Center Resource Material by Rebecca Hanson.

My pal referred to the list as the STATES of BEING, but I immediately started thinking of it as vibrational levels. Regardless of what you want to call it, it’s an exceptional tool for spot checking where you are at any given time throughout the day – so you can raise it as needed to feel and perform at your very best.

The scale goes from 1 to 19, with 1 being the highest and 19 being the lowest emotional and vibrational level. Here comes my illustrated version of the scale.

Vibrational Levels | States of Being

Examples of different vibrational levels

If you want have even more fun with the scale, take a look at how you might respond to an invitation based on where you are on the scale.

Let’s say someone invited you to come hang out with them at the park. You might accept enthusiastically or graciously – or reject the invitation with scorn and disgust, depending on your state of being of the moment. Here we go.

‘Let’s go hang out at the park.’

Your response, based on where you are on the Vibrational | States of Being Scale.  

  1. Yahoo! I always get such an energy boost from nature.
  2. Thank you for asking! I would be HONORED to go.
  3. Yesssss! Can’t wait to conquer that brand-new hiking trail.
  4. What an amazing place to connect with the spiritual.
  5. Nice. Can I help you paint the swing set you volunteered to paint?
  6. You bet. I’m sure we’ll have fun.
  7. Sounds OK with me.
  8. Again? Bleh.
  9. That place is such a poor excuse for nature.
  10. Too many trails! Too much trash! Too much to do here at home.
  11. I don’t know. Maybe later. Not sure if I’ll enjoy it.
  12. Hah! I’m used to hanging out on mountaintops, not in some dumpy park.
  13. Only if I can bring my machete and look for that guy who bothered me last week.
  14. I’d much rather go to the ocean – but noooooo, we have to live here in a landlocked state.
  15. What if we get mugged?
  16. We should have gone yesterday when it was sunnier.
  17. And hang out with all those low lives? I think not.
  18. That place decreased our real estate value the moment they built it.
  19. I don’t think I’m cool enough to hang out at the park. People there look down on me.

Managing emotions

If you need a quick fix for managing emotions, you can engage in an activity that changes them. This can boost you to a higher vibrational state, but sometimes only temporarily.

For a deeper dive that addresses and eliminates festering emotions on a deeper level, working with a certified professional life coach can do the trick.

Make it your goal to live in a state of being ranked at seven or higher every day. Amazing things may start to happen rather quickly. You’ll also be far less likely to turn into one of those people that insist bad things always happen to them or they were born under a bad sign.

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