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emotions dictate lives

How your emotions make (or break) your success

“Bad things always happen to me.” “I was born under a bad sign.” “What’s the point? Nothing gets better anyway.” Yikes! You may know folks that talk like this once in a while (or even all the time). They are definitely no fun to hang around. They’re giant vacuums that suck the life right out …

lion taking things personally rynski

How NOT to take things personally

Back in the days when I was a jerk (read: drinking), I recall a rainy day on the subway train when I stomped on a lady’s foot because she was laughing. Not just because she was laughing, mind you, but because I was convinced she was laughing at ME. I remember feeling like a total …

effects of isolation social isolation rynski recovery coaching

The dangerous effects of isolation (from a former Isolation Queen)

When you’ve had a tough day, few things are more delicious than curling up with your dog, putting your TV streaming option on auto-play, and shutting out the rest of the world. Whether you call it downtime, alone time or “me” time, we all need time to decompress away from the rest of society. The …