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how i stayed sober 20 years ryn gargulinski

Celebrating 20 years in recovery: How I stay sober

When I celebrated my first year of sobriety on July 23, 2000, members of my recovery group let me in on a little secret. They said when I had first come in, they had voted me least likely to succeed. They may have even put money on it (it was Brooklyn, after all). Instead of …

let go let god illusion of control

Do you suffer from the illusion of control?

Being in control of things is a nice idea in theory, but it really has no basis in reality. This week’s Rynski 3-Minute Share vlog lets you spot check if you suffer from the illusion of control, along with a way to break the cycle if you do. Rynski 3-Minute Share: Illusion of Control Illusion …