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surrender let go let god

How surrender saved my life (twice)

We’re rough, tough and ready for action, right? So why the heck would we EVER surrender to anything? Surrender brings to mind some whimpering, beat-up thing waving a ragged white flag. That’s not a pretty picture. But neither is the reality you get from fighting something you know you can’t beat. Or having your fingernails …

relapse not always part of recovery

Is relapse part of recovery? (HINT: Doesn’t have to be)

When we learn to drive a car, the instructor tells us about the pedals, gears, that impossible thing called parallel parking, and loads of other stuff. But not once do I recall the driving instructor telling me that getting in a crash was part of the driving process. Yet that’s exactly the same kind of …

cartoon money

High cost of drinking

One of the immediate joys of quitting drinking shows up in your wallet. You’re suddenly rich! Instead of handing over your weekly paycheck to the bartender to pay off last week’s bar tab, you can do much more exciting things with your money – like buy shoes. Check out an overview of how much drinking …