One of the immediate joys of quitting drinking shows up in your wallet. You’re suddenly rich!

Instead of handing over your weekly paycheck to the bartender to pay off last week’s bar tab, you can do much more exciting things with your money – like buy shoes.

Check out an overview of how much drinking can cost every year, with this High Cost of Drinking chart. Not only does this chart clearly illustrate the financial black hole that alcohol can bring, but it can also make you feel more generous when those recovery meetings you attend ask for donations. 


Daily beer for a year

($16 per case, 1 case min)


Daily liquor for a year

($13 per fifth, 1 fifth min)


Daily wine for a year

($10 per bottle, 2 bottle min)


Rehab stay


Hospital stay


Bail for felonies


DUI fine

(AZ first offense)


Additional DUI costs

(court, classes, license jazz)


Car crash repairs


Hangover time off work


Replacing ruined things

(clothes, bedding, etc.)


Funeral costs

If you’re unlucky enough to hit most entries on this chart, you can easily spend $115,000 per year or more on alcohol and drinking-related disasters.

Of course, money is just one of the many things you can lose by drinking them away. Don’t forget relationships and families as well as your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Want to reap even more riches in recovery? Schedule a free 30-min coaching call and I’ll send you a copy of the Top 6 Daily Recovery Tips (and give you a few more while we’re on the line!)

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