Even though the Seven Deadly Sins are technically billed as deadly, they can exist in forms that don’t necessarily kill you by the end of next week. What they will kill, however, is your spiritual growth, your mental development and probably your ability to make friends easily – or perhaps at all.

Not many folks want to hang out with prideful, envious, gluttonous, lustful, greedy, lazy and angry-as-a-hornet individuals, after all.

See how many of the Seven Deadly Sins pop up regularly in your life.


Also known as vanity. Also known as giving yourself all the credit for everything that happens, forgetting there are cosmic forces and God in the mix helping you out.  


Coveting your neighbor’s wife, boyfriend, backyard or new iPhone. Being jealous instead of happy for other people’s success.


Wanting more, more, more than any human being could possibly need. Happens with money as well as Kind bars horded and stashed in a desk drawer.


Excessive cravings for sex or other bodily pleasures. Do tattoos count?


What we feel when that jackass cuts you off in traffic. Acting on wrath usually turns us into jackasses ourselves.


Obsession with money, new iPhones and fancy cars. Treating material possessions as the end-all in life, forgetting that you don’t get to take any of it with you when you leave.


Downright laziness. Procrastination is a rather tricky form of it, as we can keep busy as bees pretending to work on something very important but totally random just to avoid working on the thing we’re supposed to be doing.

Want to work on getting rid of deadly sins, character defects and other annoying habits that stunt your growth and strangle your happiness?

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous do a dandy job. If you’re not in recovery but still what to give them a whirl, try the 12 Steps for Everyone book.

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