When you think back on your life, is it easier to remember something like getting a happy red tricycle for your birthday or the way the kids used to throw spitballs at the back of your head? No matter how happy or how bright the tricycle, we’re more likely to remember the spitballs.

The same way we’re more apt to remember that ONE PERSON who didn’t say “Hi” instead of the 18 other people who hugged us warmly when we walked into the room.

That’s just the way the human brain works. We’re programmed to remember the negative things more vividly than the positive, and that can put a damper on our day – or our entire life. But there’s a savvy way to fix that.

If your life story gets you down, simply rewrite it.

Rewriting your life story

No, we’re not talking about making up fanciful tales about being a royal descendant of some obscure nation or an undercover member of the Circe de Soleil. We’re talking about transforming the way you look at your memories.

Rather than focusing on the negative aspect of a situation, look for the positive lesson it brought your way – or the magical way it shaped you into who you are today.

Life story examples

A few prime examples come from my own life story. Depending on how I look at it, it could be littered with all kinds of horrific things that beat my soul to a pulp – or a tale packed with climatic twists and turns that prompted me to keep growing, glowing and reaching for greater heights. Let’s say I kept everything with a horror show ending. My life story would look something like this:

  • Hit alcoholic bottom so hard I nearly died
  • Wallowed through grief and depression
  • Had horrible boyfriends, including those that turned into a stalker and dog killer
  • Spent years trapped in fear of following dreams, took jobs that were a bad fit
  • When finally secured dream job in journalism, got laid off when newspaper closed
  • Complained, complained, complained every day

The end.

If we leave the story like that, it sounds like one of those really bad movies that are so depressing that you demand your money back. I know I would. BUT! if we look at the amazing things that came out all of each pocket of horror, we have a blockbuster that provides inspiration, freedom and hope to all (especially the person living it).

Life story rewrite

The rewrite looks like this:

  • Alcoholic bottom, which prompted entrance into recovery and a spiritual life with a loving God
  • Grief and depression, which allows me to empathize and help others going through the same
  • Horrible boyfriends, which propelled me into beautiful, healthy relationship with loving man I absolutely adore
  • Fear of following dreams, bad fit jobs, which enabled me to learn tons of skills I would never have otherwise learned
  • Laid off from journalism dream job, which pushed me into successful freelance writing and art career
  • Daily complaining, which keenly transformed to daily spiritual maintenance and practices (hey, I already built up the daily discipline!)

Instead of a bad movie that no one wants to watch, a rewritten life story becomes an amazing experience that most would be thrilled to live. And I bet your own life story is just as incredible.

What’s your happy ending?

So the next time a harsh memory in your life story gets you down, simply rewrite it with a happier ending. Rather than leaving it as a lingering, horrible memory, turn it into a beautiful life lesson that’s helped to shape you into the amazing being you are today.

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