Addiction is brutal, and it can happen to anyone. Check out this video that explains how someone can fall into addiction’s horrific grip, thanks to a lineup of things called BEEPS.

BEEPS stands for:

  • Behaviors
  • Events
  • Experiences
  • People
  • Substances

And these things have tricky powers. They jump-start the production of chemicals in our brains that make us feel goooood.

BEEPS can be anything that lures us in

Alcohol and drugs definitely count as BEEPS, but so do a host of other things we can use. Things like: Sex. Money. Power. Internet porn. Gambling. Shopping. Video games. Ice cream.

People can get addicted to just about anything, andĀ BEEPS have the power to eventually hijack our brains and control everything we do. BEEPS are so powerful, that we can end up simply trading one addiction for another.

People have quit drinking only to start binge-eating. Others have quit drugs but continue to drink – or quit drinking but go on “the marijuana maintenance plan.” The phenomenon of simply trading addictions is often referred to as switching seats on the Titanic.

And no matter what the BEEPS may be, addiction has the power to take us down.

Yikes is right. Tune in to see how BEEPS work to destroy lives. Then take the action you need to get out of the addictive hell and into a happy recovery.

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