I woke up the other morning and I could barely move. A pain in my lower left back was so big and bold it was eating my entire body. Yikes is right.

While the first thought for many of us would have been to grab for the ibuprofen, mine was a totally different thought altogether:

OK, what am I afraid of?

You see, our bodies are great at picking up what’s going on in our conscious or subconscious minds, even if it’s stuff lurking deep beneath the surface. Even if it’s stuff we’re trying our best not to acknowledge. Even if it’s stuff that is worthy of joy and celebration, not agony and pain.

Creating own physical pain from fears

When I sat down and wrote down what was going on, here’s what I came up with:

  • Just had fantastic branding photo shoot with beyond talented Tucson photographer Bevin Christina Dunn; the shoot was a celebration of my business and myself (Egads!)
  • Lots of work on my agenda for the upcoming week, propelling me into greater abundance and success (Fueling fears of overwhelm and burnout.)
  • A much-needed vacation coming up in two weeks, giving me a chance to relax, refuel and reconnect with my beau and dog children (Kicking in guilt about taking time off work, work, work.)
  • A big-important-SO-creative welding project that I needed to start work on (Another EGADS! [in all caps this time!])

While these fantastical ideas of abundance, celebration, relaxation, creativity and success were all contributing to the pain, the last item really hit the nail on the head. I was quaking in proverbial boots over the welding project, and my subconscious answer was to create back pain so I had a seemingly valid excuse not to move forward.

Is this true or a bunch of hooey? You tell me.

Pain relief with a mindset reset

Once I got my fears on paper, then dissipated the fears by acknowledging, refuting and then transforming them into positive energy, my back pain went away. All this happened within 20 minutes or so, leaving my body (and mind!) ready for action.

Reset your mindset and your body will follow.

It’s downright amazing. And absolutely true.

Somewhere deep in my psyche, the idea that I didn’t DESERVE all this abundance, celebration, relaxation and success was still kicking around. And HOW DARE I even attempt a welding project that was so very creative and cool. So my punishment for these absurd ideas was back pain.

Emotional sources of disease and pain

If you want to dive even deeper into this phenomenon, you can reference this list that came out of my master Reiki manual. It provides additional details on what physical ailments in different areas of your body could be telling you about your mental state. Here come a handful of the most intriguing:

  • Arms: Inability to embrace, old emotions held in joints
  • Arthritis: Pattern of criticism of self and others; perfectionism
  • Back, lower: burnout, worrying about money
  • Back, middle: guilt
  • Back, upper: not feeling supported emotionally, needing support
  • Feet: Lack of self-understanding; fear of moving forward
  • Hands: Holding on too tightly to money or relationships
  • Lungs: Inability to take in and give out life, denial of life; grief
  • Neck: Issues with flexibility; need to control instead of go with the flow

I share the full list with my Reiki level I attunement clients, and with my coaching clients when relevant. It helps all of us see how we may regularly be creating our own physical pain and disease. That way we can take the steps we need to correct it.

So the next time you stub your toe, develop a sudden cough or cold, or wake up with excruciating back pain, don’t grab for the medicine or pain killers just yet. Grab for a paper and pen to see what’s REALLY going on. You may not only be amazed, but you’re likely to be relieved of the suffering and pain.

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

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Rynski Coaching: How We Create Own Physical Pain

NOTE: Info mentioned in this article is NOT meant to replace professional medical care.

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