What does life coaching do? What does recovery coaching do? How does your coaching help? When people ask what I focus on in my life and recovery coaching, I have a snazzy statement at the ready. It goes like this:

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

Sounds cool, right?

But I’m not sure if it’s working. That’s because the next question I often get is:

What the heck is DAZZLE?

Is it edible? Is it pliable? Can I play with it, like a yoyo? How big is this DAZZLE thing? My closet, after all, is already pretty packed.

The answers here are no, yes, sure, and dazzle takes up no extra space, but it makes you feel extra special, extra amazing and downright extraordinary. In short, dazzle will change your life.

Explanation of DAZZLE

Here’s how I like to explain dazzle:

Remember when you were a kid when everything was fresh, fun and full of glee? Think of how you felt, say, on a Christmas morning when you knew all kinds of gifts were waiting for you under the tree.

That’s what dazzle is. It’s that’s innate sense of wonder, excitement and curiosity that makes you bounce out of bed with a shimmering soul – even on a Monday.

That’s certainly not me, you might think. And it wasn’t me, either. That’s because life has a sneaky way of robbing us of our dazzle, sometimes without us even realizing it.

We’re born with dazzle

We start as a happy camper, full of dazzle. Life is beautiful. We are beautiful. EVERthing is beautiful.

Experiences start dim our dazzle

Then we start to go through life, racking up all types of experiences. Some things make us feel fabulous, while others make us feel like crap. Since we humans tend to remember the negative more readily than the positive, the crap tends to stick around quite mightily.

That crap starts the first phase of losing our dazzle. Even experiences that may seem small to us now were pretty big deals to a child. Experiences can include things like:

  • Getting made fun of by other kids for missing tooth, weird last name, birthmark on face
  • Birthmark on face staring back every time look in mirror
  • Being punished by being banished to pink childhood bedroom
  • Showing off childhood artwork and writing, being told that’s nice but you need a job that makes money

Beliefs and habits strangle dazzle

The crap experiences have already begun to erode our dazzle, and their power is multiplied by the beliefs and habits we attach to them. That’s the next stage of dazzle depletion. Check out the habits and beliefs that can stem from even a brief list of early experiences.

Experience Beliefs Habits
Getting made fun of by other kids for missing front tooth, weird last name. Kids are mean, so all people must be mean. Can’t trust them. Can’t trust anyone. I must be weird because I have a weird last name.   Avoid socializing. Never truly open up to people. Turn down invitations to anything fun where there may be people. Build a wall around my heart, letting no one in. Might as well act weird since I’ve been told I’m weird.  
Birthmark on face through childhood. Birthmark on face is evidence of how flawed I am. I am flawed and unworthy. Buying sprees to convince myself that new things make me worthy. Self-sabotage when things are going well to “prove” to myself I really am unworthy.  
Being punished by being banished to pink childhood bedroom.   HATE the color pink.   Never wore pink. Never used the color in artwork. Never wanted to go near anything pink.
Showing off childhood artwork and writing, being told that’s nice but you need a job that makes money. Art, writing and passion will never make me money. Have to be tortured to make money. If work is torture, and work is a big part of life, life must be torture.  It’s wrong to let go and have fun. Taking jobs that were non-creative and torturous. Burying dreams of being artist and writer. Too scared to even mention it. Work, work, work at torturous jobs. Make life torture by self-sabotaging when things get too good. Guilt when enjoying self.

And the above are just a few examples. We may have tons and tons of dazzle-zappers buried in our subconscious or even in our consciousness, leaving us depleted, discontent and wholly annoyed with life.

Dazzle disappears

Once we’ve been living with these stockpiled experiences, beliefs and habits long enough, our dazzle can be so far gone that it seems like a distant dream. But it doesn’t have to be.

It can be a daily delight, infusing you with the same excitement, curiosity and buoyancy you had when your dazzle was intact.

That’s what my life and recovery coaching does. It reverses the dazzle-depletion. Gets to the bottom of beliefs and habits, guts out the junk, and gives you a clean slate on which to establish a brand new way of being.

And that’s what I mean when I say get your DAZZLE back.

Too bad all this wouldn’t fit on a business card.

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