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mercury retrograde rynski

Eek! Mercury in Retrograde – WTH does that actually mean?

I just had one of those scatterbrain weeks where it feels like you’re juggling 800 different things – and 799 of them come down and hit you squarely in the head. Yeah, not good. Not very productive, either. Although, as I mentioned to someone, I can be a functioning scatterbrain. I guess the same way …

worst fears rynski

Why your worst fears are primed to come true

Being eaten by a shark, getting fat, and being homeless and living under an underpass used to be my worst fears. But not anymore. I actually was homeless (by choice) when I ran away to New York City at the age of 18. So that one’s done and no longer qualifies as a fear because …

spiritual solutions wolf

Spiritual Solutions: A radio show and a way of living

A big, happy thank you! goes out to super creative and talented William Duke, who is the host of a radio show called Spiritual Solutions. He graciously invited me to be a guest on the show in December, and we had an enlightening chat indeed. The show airs on alternate Mondays on WIOX Roxbury 91.3 …