How many times have you thought of a friend, only to get a phone call from them later that day? Or had a song run through your head, only to hear it two minutes later on a random playlist?

Or wished you took more time to get back to writing poetry – only to get an email about a poetry/spoken word contest with four days left to enter?

Those so-called coincidences aren’t coincidences at all. They’re the magical connection working in our lives.

And there’s no way in heck I couldn’t respond to the call to poets and spoken word artists for the contest.

The call came from SAACA (Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance). The theme was “to create an original poem that addresses the importance of Community, Culture, and Art during a time of crisis and social distancing.”

Hopefully my poem covers all of it? If not, it was still cool to get back into the poetry groove. They asked for a written copy of the poem and a video. So I thought I’d share my entry with you. Enjoy!

Magically Connected [Poem]

I didn’t do it.

It was the angels.

The angels of art or

holy spirit or some kind of

hula-dancing muse that has

prompted the art that’s come out of me

during times of darkness – with explosions of light.

I am just a channel.

The same way I do

Reiki or fall into a trance

while tending my garden or

brushing my dog.

We move out of ourselves and into that

place, that place where all is

sacred we’re all connected

a single gold thread in a

plush golden blanket that place where

we’re never alone.

That same spirit, that light, it pulses through

veins it surges through souls it makes

greeting cards for grandmas and books

that write themselves.

That same spirit soars high

inside the heavens yet is working

its magic on earth — we can feel it in

the desert sun and taste it

surrounding the


That same spirit it keeps us eternally

connected through time and space through

anguish and glee through crises and calm through

snowstorms and bad-hair Mondays through

distance and even through


-Ryn Gargulinski.05.07.2020

We’re Magically Connected – VIDEO

Magically Connected – PODCAST

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