Complicated and serious. That seems to be the trend of life lately. Keep up such a severe stress level and this kind of intense thinking, and you’re going to get a headache. Or worse. There’s a good chance your head could actually explode. OK, maybe not literally. But it can sure feel like it is.

The best fix for getting out of a too-serious, complicated state is to give your brain a break with something lightweight and fun. Something that moves your imagination toward the positive and uplifting. Something that brings you back to the basics and reminds you what matters most. Things like:

  • Silence
  • Rest
  • Energy
  • Love

Alphie the angel is geared up to do exactly that in his adorable book.

Alphie the Angel’s Little Alphabet Book

Written by a long-time poet pal William Duke, I was honored when he contacted me to ask for sample illustrations to go with his text. The book’s working title was something like “The Alphabet Book” and I began with several random illustrations that really had no overall connection.

The illustrations were OK, but they didn’t give us the “YES, THIS IS IT” feeling.

While we were talking about spiritual things, William had an idea.

“What if we make the main character an angel? An angel named Alphie?”

Three sample illustrations of Alphie later, the book project – and Alphie! – were in full swing. Yaay!

The illustrations came easily, naturally. Alphie actually drew himself. It was one of the most amazingly fun and creative projects on which I’ve EVER collaborated. And now Alphie wants to come home with you.

Critical Acclaim for Alphie the Angel’s Little Alphabet Book  

For the very young to the very old, these are the ABC’s for living a life of beauty, empathy, and reverence…best read daily.

-Pete Sinjin, Singer Songwriter, Co-Owner of Hootenanny Art House

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The endearing little monster illustrations are the perfect foil for the pithy alphabetized reminders on how to live your best life. A fitting gift for your yogi friends. And please don’t keep it from the wee folks. This charming little volume is bursting with inspirations to grow into.

-Judy Garrison, Pres of Board of Trustees, Andes Public Library

Alphie the Angel’s Little Alphabet Book is an A-to-Z, all-ages guide for living your best life.

– Beatrice Georgalidis, Executive Director, Bright Hill Press and Literary Center of the Catskills

Rating: 5 out of 5.

William Duke has created a 21st century alphabet book, each letter connected to a value central to mindful and ethical living. Ryn Gargulinski’s whimsically colorful illustrations add a touch of magic to the proceedings. A lovely book.

– Bill Birns, Author of “A Catskill Catalog,” “Fleischmanns in Verse,” “The Myth in the Mountain” and others

This picture book is a delight! Thank you for making a socially and spiritually conscious young-learners book. A must-have for your library or classroom.

-Rosie Lanziero, Executive Director, Soul Arts Academy

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