Mood swings are not uncommon in the best of times, and they can be even more prevalent when we’re out of our normal routine. Like right about now. One moment the world is a beautiful sunshiny place in your magical backyard, but the next minute an annoying email can send you into an angry tizzy.

Just how many times do companies I’ve never even heard of have to send emails broadcasting the the 20 million things they’re doing for “you and your family” because “we care about you during these uncertain times”? Jeeeesh.

Sometimes the smallest little annoyances can make those sunshiny moments very short lived. But they don’t have to be. You can snap yourself out of a foul mood with a game we play in our household.

The Bad Mood Game

My beau actually created this game without even realizing it. In fact, he probably doesn’t even know I classify it as a game, as it came out of something he did quite naturally.

I was in a totally foul mood one morning, with the dogs jumping all over and running around the yard like maniacs – something that usually tickles me but was instead really grating on my nerves.

As I continued to grumble and moan, dog Reggie (aka Gigi) reared around the corner and stuck his smiling face right into my own. My guy then asked:

“How can you be grumpy when you see a face like that?”  

The Gigi face that fixes bad moods.

You can’t. No one can. The sight of such glee is contagious. It’s sure to make you smile. The only way that crazy-ass doggie smile couldn’t snap you out of a foul mood would be if you really hated dogs or you were dead.

My dog’s smiling face reminded me that my pooch doesn’t fret about all kinds of stuff in his head – so why should I fret about what’s in mine? It brought me back to the moment, and the ridiculousness of wasting time and energy in a low-vibe zone. I got back into a high-vibe zone, pronto.

Play the Bad Mood Game on Your Own

You don’t need a crazy-smiling dog for the game to work, as just about anything around you can do. (Although dogs are fantastic participants in this game.)

All you need to do is look around you, find something cool, and then ask the question:

How can I be grumpy when [insert cool thing here]?

Here come a few examples I just came up with now, as I’m writing this, from my kitchen table.

How can I be in a bad mood when…

  • I have the coolest altar set up on my right.
  • There’s a skeleton painting on an old saw on the wall across the room.
  • There are corn dogs in the oven (my beau digs corn dogs; they always make him happy)
  • My pantry is stocked with Luna Bars.
  • Our robo vacuum did a great job vacuuming yesterday.
  • Portishead is playing on Spotify.

You get the gist. Now give it a go!

Perfect for Reversing Mood Swings, but…

One note to note. This game is fantastic if you’re suffering from a foul mood that seems to come out of nowhere – or you’re down one minute when you were up the minute before.

However, if a bad mood for a day turns into a bad mood for a week or a month, you may want a more intense fix. Schedule a call if that’s the case. Would be glad to help!

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

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