What to do if you wake up scattered and cranky

Relax into your morning. Don’t scramble out of bed and go bounding into your day like a headless chicken. Just don’t.

Keep your phone OUT OF SIGHT. Don’t tap into the chaos that awaits on your smartphone the moment you get out of bed. Wait until you’re ready for it. That could be in 10 minutes or an hour (or two). It’ll still be there when you’re ready.

Mind your vibes. Your emotions are what place you in a high vibe or low vibe zone, and you want to start your day with the most joyful emotions and highest vibes possible. In a low-vibe “meh” zone? Do something to raise it, pronto.

Determine priorities. We all have to-do lists that are longer than our arm. But we don’t have to do it all TODAY. Focus on the top one to three things that MUST get done.  

Go to bed grateful. If you go to bed cranky, you frequently wake up cranky. In other words, low-vibe emotions don’t always disappear just because you went to bed. Make a point of going to bed grateful.

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How many times have you woken up and wanted to immediately just go back to bed?

Facing the day doesn’t have to be a revolting prospect. In fact, if you fine-tune your attitude right from the start, it never has to be bothersome again. Take it from Henry Ward Beecher:

The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.

And adjusting that rudder to propel you into a delightful mood is the key to having a delightful day. Keep it up day after day and, before your know it, the concept translates to a delightful life. And living a delightful life in total freedom and joy is what Rynski Coaching is all about.

Top Arizona Newspaper Features Rynski Coaching Mindset

As a certified professional coach who focuses on success, creativity and recovery issues, a lot of positive power is generally needed for people to rise above their current state of mind. But it takes more than just thinking about happy butterflies or fields of daffodils. That’s where Rynski Coaching really stands out from other methods that focus on positive thinking.

My coaching doesn’t just tell you to think positive and wait for positive things to happen. It propels you into a high vibe zone and helps you stay there, ad infinitum, by clearing out past issues and old emotions that are holding you back. It also relies on taking the time to give yourself the credit you so worthily deserve.

One of my tips in the AZ Daily Star article said to:

Celebrate your success! … Give yourself a little reward at the end of each week, and a bigger one at the end of the month.”

This tip applies for any goal you’re striving for in life, whether it’s huge like not having a drink or small like making your bed every morning.

While we humans tend to be quick to disparage ourselves for the “bad” things we’ve done, we rarely take time to celebrate the good ones. That’s part of the game plan that needs to be included.

Another massive benefit of Rynski Coaching is the lifelong habits it sets up. You don’t just do a bunch of exercises, feel good for a spell, and then go back to pulling the covers over your head each morning. You develop sustainable habits for a joyful and high-vibe way of living.

The World’s Best Bullet Journal gets you started on those sustainable habits right away. It includes a morning and evening ritual that helps you incorporate all the tips for having a great day every day – and then some. You’ll get to:

  • Feel, function and BE your best every single day
  • Get – and stay – in a high vibe, high attraction zone where all good things happen.
  • Eliminate scatter, by keeping track of all those lingering, background tasks in one handy journal
  • Achieve success, by tracking your goals and having enough time to do what’s important to you
  • Express yourself, with pages for drawing, doodling, collaging and more
  • Start anytime you want, with enough daily check-in pages to last a full six months

The World’s Best Bullet Journal: Raise Your Vibration, Create Success

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Another quote I love frequently gets attributed to Abraham Lincoln:

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

I used say that kind of thinking was a bunch of hooey. That’s one of the reasons I used to be pretty miserable. Make that intensely miserable. I thought something had to happen on the outside for me to be happy on in the inside.

The biggest mistake people make about living a joyful life is thinking they have to wait until that magic “something” happens for them to be happy. You’ve heard it a zillion times, and maybe even done it yourself. I’ll be happy when:

  • I get a new job
  • I find a new love
  • I move to the tropics
  • My dog learns to sit
  • My bad haircut grows out
  • (Fill in whatever else here)

The truth is, you don’t have to wait for ANYTHING specific to happen to be happy. You can – and deserve to – be happy now. All you need to do is make a decision to go for it, then take the right action to make it happen. That’s what the World’s Best Bullet Journal and Rynski Coaching aims to do. Guide you toward the right action you need to start loving your life NOW.

While I’m on delightfully solid happiness ground now, my life used to be the opposite. I was so depressed and disgusted by life that I turned to drinking to escape it. Then I couldn’t escape the drinking. It was a horror show for sure, and I’m so grateful every day that I even survived.

But quitting drinking wasn’t enough to get me into the high-vibe happiness zone on a regular basis. It took a lot of work, a strong recovery program, a spiritual connection and an entirely new mindset before I could honestly say that I love my life – as well as myself.

While my transformation took years and years to happen, you don’t have to wait that long. You can tap into the same techniques I used to get on the fast track to happiness and success. That’s the exact reason I started coaching: to help people get their DAZZLE back – a joie de vivre that just won’t quit.

What people are saying about Rynski Coaching:

Ryn is knowledgeable, fun and brings a burst of brightness to any day. You just want to be in her space. -Chelci

Get the World’s Best Bullet Journal for a DIY start, add Rynski Coaching for fast-track guidance. You’ll love both.

Rynski Coaching is designed for folks who want more out of life than complacency, and more for themselves than mediocrity.

My coaching is for people who want to soar. On a constant basis. People who want to have a great day every single day.

Create a life so brilliant it sends tingles down your spine. Start now with Rynski Coaching.

Why go it alone?

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