There’s one thing that’s spreading faster and is even more infectious than the Coronavirus – fear. We’re at the stage where we’re reading headline after headline carefully crafted to get clicks and spread our panic.

We’re getting emails from every other company and their brother, perpetuating the panic even further with tips, tricks, statistics and offers to buy remote-meeting software so we can do all interactions online.

If this keeps up at its current clip, we’ll all soon be cowering in a corner of our homes in gas masks with enough hand sanitziers, tuna fish and toilet paper to last through the next millennium. Maybe some of you are already there.

While there’s no arguing that common sense and extra hygienic precautions are warranted right about now (i.e. wash your hands), the immediate and widespread panic seems to have hit like an avalanche.

Guess what? It’s that EXACT mindset that makes you more vulnerable to any type of illness or negative happenings. Emotions dictate our lives, and holding onto the thought of what you fear backfires to attract that thing your way.

And guess what else? A top tip for avoiding Coronavirus is to live in a state of emotions that feel happy and uplifting, which allow you to stay in a high vibe zone.

This chart gives you a quick rundown on different vibrational states of being.

Vibrational Scale | States of Being

High Vibe Healthiness

You’re more likely to become infected with a virus is if you are vibrating at the level of the virus. Like all other nasty things, viruses are low on the vibrational scale – way down there with things like anger, hate, anxiety and fear.

So, if you’re reading the headlines, hoarding toilet paper and otherwise running around in a panic, you are pretty much putting a big WELCOME sign on your forehead for any illness or virus to come rambling on in.

Staying in a high vibe zone can help keep you protected from unwanted low-vibe things, whether they’re physical viruses, emotional upsets or mental breakdowns. And here come some quick tips for keeping your home, body, mind and soul in a high vibe zone.

Quick Tips to Help Stay Virus-Free

Start the day with a spiritual connection. Meditation and prayer are always at the top of my morning, followed by a quick check in with my World’s Best Bullet Journal to gauge my current vibrational level and raise it if needed.  

Engage in high vibe activities. Achieve and maintain a high vibrational level with activities, thoughts and actions that produce it.

Put up a protective energetic shield. A bright, white, full-body capsule of light is one of my chosen shields, but you can create others to keep the infectious low vibrations at bay.

Cleanse your being with the divine energy of Reiki. Always. The divine energy of Reiki clears out what you no longer need and imbues you with you do need for the greater good of all.

Do a home purification/Reiki ritual. Clearing out your home (and office) of negative energies adds even more power and protection. I to do a full-house purification several times a year.

Laugh. Laughter is a massive stress reliever. It’s also a fabulous way to instantly get into a high vibe zone. When anything gets too crazy and starts beating you down into a pulp, watch when happens when you turn the tables and laugh at it.

Yes, I’ve been doing all of the above during the Coronavirus situation. But then again, I’ve been doing all of the above for years now.

Want help letting go of the fear?

I’d be glad to help you with any or all of the above if you keep getting hit with unwanted panic and fear.

Any of the below can be done in-person or online (Reiki can travel across distances, time and space).

  • One-hour coaching + Reiki session
  • One-hour Reiki session for self and/or home and office, in person or online
  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement, so you can give Reiki to yourself, your pets, home and office (3 hours)

Contact me to book a session or learn more.

Let go of the fear and you’ll be happier, freer and healthier on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. You’ll also be able to stop feeding the fears that are giving the virus carte blanche to infest and infect your world.

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