It happened again. It never fails.

Every time I’m about to head out of town clients or customers I haven’t heard from in MONTHS suddenly contact me with juicy work to do. Right before my latest trip, it was an ongoing client I haven’t worked with since November and a potential art customer who finally followed up with her custom sign requests.

Perhaps it happens to you, too. You dug out your luggage. You found and packed your socks without holes. Heck, you may have even checked into your flight or gassed up your car for the trip. And you inevitably get a phone call or email from someone wanting or needing something.

What’s the deal?

With eons of time to kill at the airport during my last trip, I finally figured out why.

When we’re working and churning along, our schedules are packed to the hilt. It may be personal stuff, business stuff, kids and dog-related stuff or any kind of stuff that likes to stuff itself into our itinerary. But when we’re planning time off – our schedules are cleared.

The universe and our spiritual team sense the void – and then WOOSH in to fill it.

Pretty cool, right? So all those out-of-nowhere requests you get are not simply pains in the necks, they are actually blessings from the universe and your spiritual helpers.

It’s also the same concept that monk was trying to teach when he poured tea all over the table.

The monk tea story

An extremely knowledgeable and driven man knew he wanted a change in his life, so he went to see a wise monk who lived down the road.

“I am ready for enlightenment!” the man proclaimed to the monk.

“OK,” said the monk. “Let’s discuss it over a cup of tea.”

The monk got out the tea set, brewed the tea, and placed a cup in front of the man. The monk then proceeded to fill up the man’s cup – first halfway, then all the way, and then to the point that the cup overflowed, spilling coffee all over the table and on the man’s new pants.

The man was astonished. “Stop, stop, stop! What on earth are you doing? Can’t you see the cup is full?!”

The monk smiled gently like monks do, stopped pouring the tea, and looked the man deep in the eyes.

“You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing else can be added.” He bid the man to come back when the cup was empty, or when he had an empty mind with room to receive new ideas.

Create the void to fill the void

Keeping this fill-the-void concept in mind can help with several scenarios:

  • If you want new, exciting work = make room by getting rid of the old, boring work
  • If you want a new relationship = make room by truly cutting ties and clearing out emotional energy linked to the old relationship
  • If you want new clothes = clean your closet

The universe and your spiritual team are wise indeed – and they’re not going to pour tea all over the table. So clear out the old to make room for the new. And if you want help with that one, book a coaching call. (Clearing out the gunk is one of my specialties.) Enjoy!

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

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