Even when the world appears to have gone mad, you don’t have to follow. With a few tweaks to your mindset and daily routine, you can escape the madness to live in harmony.

No, I’m not kidding.

You CAN live in harmony even when the world appears to be in chaos. Even when you’re stuck at home by statewide orders. Even when your spouse, your kids and your pets are going stir-crazy stuck at home with you.

Even when people are buying up all your favorite grocery items that you wouldn’t think anyone but you would want in a zillion years. (Damn hoarders.)

Not only can you live in harmony, but you can still laugh, joke and even have fun. Yes, even when the world has gone haywire.

Not only can you live in harmony when the world is in chaos, but you can still laugh, joke and even have fun.

I must admit, I do have an edge when it comes to getting through hell-on-earth scenarios. That’s because I’ve already been there. What helps me tons is remembering the worst moment of my life – when I was totally defeated by alcohol. I had no hope, no faith and no foreseeable future that didn’t involve a Budweiser and a coffin.

If I could claw my way out of that dank bottom of despair to become the happy, healthy woman that I am today, then I can surely stay strong through anything. Yes, even a worldwide pandemic. And so can you. These three tips can help.

Connect with Spirit

Spirit refers to anything in the spiritual realm, whether it’s your God, your angels, your guides – or even sunshine or the wind. Starting your day with two minutes of silence where you simply sit and connect can make a major difference on the entire tone of your day.

When that feel-good morning bliss starts turning sour throughout the day, get back to that connection with a mini prayer and meditation session. While you’re in that ongoing connection, you can ask for the removal of all the fear, stress, anguish and worry that’s weighing you down. Then release it and move onward.

Express Gratitude

Stop dwelling on what you think is wrong with everything. Focus on what’s right. Look at what you have, not what you lack. You may have a loving family, a home in which to go stir-crazy, crayons to quell the kids, and dogs that love you more than they love themselves. Some of you may also have tons of those grocery items I referred to earlier (kidding!).

What else can you put on your daily gratitude list? Yes, keep a rolling gratitude list. Write down at least one entry every morning, then another one every night. Give it a week. You’re apt to feel better. Then do it again.

Create a Sacred Space

Since you may be spending a lot of time in your home, you might as well make it a magical haven full of positive energy and love. Protect your home from negative vibes with deep cleaning, de-cluttering and high-vibe purification rituals. Add some Reiki for good measure.

Protect your heart by filling it with love. Protect your mind by limiting exposure to those dang headlines. Choose carefully. Absorb only what serves you, not what scares you.

We may have no control over what’s going on in the big wide world, or even outside our doorstep, but we can control how we handle situations. You can let yourself be sucked into the whirlwind of worry and woe – or you can consciously choose to rise above the madness to live in peace and harmony.

Want to keep these three tips handy? Download the handsome illustrated cheat sheet: How to Rise Above the Madness.

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