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living in the moment dogs

Living in the moment: Habit learned from dogs

I fell in love with dogs about six years into my recovery, and I’ve never been the same since. The more I loved them, the more I learned from them. One of the greatest lessons my dogs continue to teach me is how to live in the moment. Check out how this works in this …

creating our own resentments

How we create our own resentments (and how to STOP it)

Nobody likes having resentments, yet we humans are really good at creating new ones all the time. Check out one of the biggest traps that inevitably leads to resentments, along with a surefire way to avoid it. It’s all right here in the Rynski 3-Minute Share vlog. Enjoy! Rynski 3-Minute Share: Resentments Creating our own …

download vibrational frequency chart

Boost your vibrational frequency for a high vibe life

Whether it’s a cockroach or a dazzling gemstone, everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. You can often feel the vibrational levels of certain objects – especially the ones that give off creepy vibes. You can also pick up on the vibes of other folks, again, especially when they’re creepy. What’s your vibrational frequency? …