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magical life story rynski

Your life story got you down? Rewrite it

When you think back on your life, is it easier to remember something like getting a happy red tricycle for your birthday or the way the kids used to throw spitballs at the back of your head? No matter how happy or how bright the tricycle, we’re more likely to remember the spitballs. The same …

lion taking things personally rynski

How NOT to take things personally

Back in the days when I was a jerk (read: drinking), I recall a rainy day on the subway train when I stomped on a lady’s foot because she was laughing. Not just because she was laughing, mind you, but because I was convinced she was laughing at ME. I remember feeling like a total …

recovery slogans rynski

Top recovery slogans that work for everyone

When you first start attending recovery meetings, you might notice all kinds of strange sayings plastered all over the walls. They’re short and memorable, but not always considered sweet. In fact, many folks say they absolutely hated all those recovery sayings when they first got sober. But once they start working a recovery program, they …