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Create a life you love with guidance from Rynski and the Cosmos.
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What can Lifestyle Coaching Do for me?

Rynski Lifestyle Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll follow the Rynski PSS Method, a proven three-part framework designed to eliminate old baggage and open your heart so you’re ready to receive the new.


Purging involves getting rid of things you no longer want or  need. Anger, resentments, fears, habits, addictions and ways of thinking that no longer serve you.


Stabilization is when you’re in a balanced state. The old baggage is gone. You have yet to accumulate any new baggage. Your goal here is to keep it that way.


Soaring means doing what  you can to keep your vibrational frequency as high as possible at any given moment. Doing what you love. Loving what you do. Being the sensation you were meant to be.

Rynski + the Cosmos Lifestyle Coaching 

A life you love | A YOU you love

Benefits of lifestyle coaching

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Discover Your Purpose

Dive deep inside your soul to discover what you were truly meant to do. 

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Live a life of recovery

Do the work, change the thinking, and a life of recovery from alcohol or other addictions can be yours. 

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Manage depression

Break free of the looming cloud to get back into the sunshine.

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Heal from grief

You don’t get over grief. You move through it, coming out stronger and more compassionate on the other side.

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Start that business

You’ve been wanting your own business for years. Let’s do it already!

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Launch that dream career

Trade the daily toil for a career that aligns with and taps into your passions. 

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Embrace all parts of your soul

Embracing all parts of who we are is what makes us happy and whole.  

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become the sensation you were meant to be

Get out of your rut and into the world as your vibrant and whole sensational self. 

How do I know all this works?

Because I’ve been there, done that – with all of the above. If I can do it, you can do it!

Be a sensation

Make magic, not regrets.
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If nothing changes, nothing changes

Your world won’t magically get better unless you actually take some type of action. Just sitting around and wishing doesn’t count. The Cosmos wants to deliver what you desire, but it’s not about to do all the work for you. What fun would that be?

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On Your Schedule

Schedule as many sessions as you wish, from a single session to a coaching package. We can also talk about combining coaching with energy therapy in a single session if you wish.

Sessions last 60 minutes. | Contact me if you need a date/time outside what’s listed on my calendar.

Lifestyle Coaching on Your Schedule

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Investment in lifelong happiness

Shopping therapy may be fun, but its happiness is fleeting. Lifestyle coaching gives you benefits that last a lifetime. 

Lifestyle Coaching Keeps Giving for a Lifetime

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improves life across the board

Once you start working to resolve one issue, you may find several other issues magically improve. The Rynski PSS Method goes for the root cause, not the symptoms, which is a streamlined way to improve life across the board.

All you need is willingness to give it a try.

Lifestyle Coaching for People, Pets, Homes, Businesses

How Do I Get Started?

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Book Free Call [optional]

If you have questions or want to connect to see if we’re a good fit, book a free call or contact me for more info. 

Because only YOU can take the action.

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If you’re ready for action, book an appointment to get the session on your schedule. Use my online calendar. Contact me if you need a different time/date not listed.

Because if you don’t set your priorities, someone else will.

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Coaching Session!

We’ll meet and let the magic begin! We can do phone, Zoom or in person in the Cape Coral, Florida, area.

Because both the Cosmos and I are ready for you!

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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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