If you ever want evidence of angels working in your life, all you need to do is think of all the times you should have been dead. Anyone like myself who drank until their head nearly exploded can usually come up with a handful of should-be-dead times right off the bat. Like the time I:

  • Fell under a moving subway train
  • Decided it would be a good idea to live on the streets of NYC at the age of 18
  • Thought it would be a just fine to go through alcohol detox on my own at home (thankfully I did finally get to a hospital by the time the seizures hit)

Angels DEFINITELY swooped in to help for all of those incidents.

But you don’t necessarily need a past history of extreme drinking to pinpoint times where angels were looking out for you. In fact, one of my most amazing stories happened after I had already quit drinking while I was out for a leisurely bike ride around Brooklyn, NY.

Evidence of angels on a Brooklyn bicycle ride

OK, I admit. My bicycle rides in New York City were anything but leisurely. In fact, I used to pedal around like a madwoman. I’d beat speeds of traffic (which wasn’t hard). I’d zoom over the Brooklyn Bridge – which could be hard when you had to suddenly swerve to avoid pedestrians who decided to step into the bike lane. Sigh.

The Brooklyn Bridge bike crash didn’t take me to near death, although it did bend my entire front wheel and make me haul my busted-up bike back home on the subway train.

The bike ride where I should have been dead instead happened on the streets of Brooklyn, not very far from my Bensonhurst apartment. I had been pedaling my way back home, about to make a right turn down a residential street.

A car decided to make a sharp left turn right into my lane at the very same time. I remember a steep curb, garbage can, and overhead subway train column directly surrounding us, giving me nowhere to swerve. I also remember the car grill getting bigger and bigger as hit headed right for my front bicycle tire.

I clenched my body and closed my eyes – readying myself for the impact.

But nothing happened.

I opened my eyes only to find myself still upright on my bike, totally clear of the car — as if something had lifted me UP and OVER the vehicle — still pedaling away on my path back home.

The car’s driver was craning his neck out the window in disbelief, watching me pedal safely away. Tears welled in my eyes as I kept repeating “Thank you, thank you, thank you” all the way home.

Angels helped me with this, for sure!

Are angels real? Heck, yeah!

It’s not only the big near-death stuff that they help with, either. I consistently ask them for help with my writing, art, coaching sessions, workshops and even doing a headstand on the paddle board.

Just for the record, I had been trying to do a headstand on the paddle board for years. I finally did it last summer — after I asked the paddle board headstand angels for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t forget to ask. And above all, don’t forget to thank them. Thank the angels for helping however they can with specific tasks, as well as surrounding you with love, support and protection all the time.

Do you have a cool angel story to share? Please do!

I help amazingly creative souls who want more out life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they rock their world.

P.S. I’ve been consistently asking my entire spiritual team for help learning more about them. Not soon after I created that request, I ended up meeting Tucson angelologist Kermie Wohlenhaus about one-quarter mile from my home out of nowhere one Saturday morning. She’s the author of How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel, which I immediately purchased and have been enjoying immensely. How do you like that?!

Video: Proof of angels on a Brooklyn bike ride

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