Negative thoughts are tricky little devils. But we humans can be even trickier. Check out a rather amusing way to outwit negative thinking that’s worked for me every time.

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Rynski 3-Minute Share: Outwit Negative Thinking

Outwit Negative Thinking: Outline and podcast

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Negative thoughts tend to travel in gangs.

  • If you let one slip through, you suddenly have a whole gaggle of them.
  • They yell, they scream, they compete for attention.
  • They call even more negative thoughts into the fold.
  • The gaggle won’t give up until it brings you down – or you do something to fight back.

Trying to suppress negative thoughts never works.

  • It’s like trying to shove a huge balloon into a two-inch opening.
  • Or refrain your dog from chasing a rabbit.
  • Even if you do manage to suppress them for a moment, they’ll come out in other ways.
  • Like throwing a stapler across the office.
  • Or yelling at your boyfriend for no apparent reason.

The trick is to let them come rushing on in.

  • Yes, it sounds scary. But it works.
  • As long as you imagine all the negative thoughts like a train rushing into the station – and you stay on the platform.
  • Stand back. Let them rush. Let them beckon and call.

Just don’t hop on the train.

  • Look at them from a distance, without judgement or emotion.
  • Observe how very interesting they are.
  • Note when they like to crop up.
  • The repetitive phrases they like to say.
  • How hard they try to run you down.
  • And how annoyed they get when you don’t hop on board.

The negative thoughts will get annoyed enough to finally leave.

  • Whooshing right out of the station as quickly as they whooshed in.
  • Don’t forget to wave goodbye.
  • Once the negative thought train has left the station, feel free to switch platforms.
  • Go find one that takes you on a positive ride.
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Podcast: Rynski 3-Minute Share – Outwit Negative Thinking

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