Want to hear something crazy?

All that stress, overwhelm and anxiety we regularly experience – is self-inflicted.

That’s right. We do it to ourselves.

And we keep it up constantly, without even realizing it.

Right now I am frustrated for two main reasons.

I am SICK of seeing hard-working people only feeling serene during vacation times, which happen maybe once or twice a year.

That really sucks.

And secondly, I can’t stand the stressed-out, overwhelmed mindset that we sometimes think we simply have to tolerate the other 50 weeks out of the year.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

To a large extent, it’s not the actual vacation that brings you relief – it’s the stress-free mindset.

That’s why I’m going to introduce you to a way to stop stressing and start living and working more serenely – no matter where you are.

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How It Works

During my last getaway to San Diego, I was totally in the beach day mindset.

And wondering why it always seemed to evaporate the minute we’re back at work.

We enjoy vacations, but then hit the ground running the minute we’re back at our jobs, running ourselves ragged.

We think we have to work extra hard to “make up” for that time off – or work ourselves to the bone all day every day to make a difference or a profit.

The harder we work, the more money we’ll make, right?

The harder we work, the more we care about our business, right?


We can actually be more productive if we’re less stressed. And we can get less stressed by paying attention to a few simple things.

So, can I ask you a question?

Would you like to sail serenely through each day, even when you’re at the office or workplace?

Would you like to actually enjoy the work you’re doing, rather than just plowing through it to get the next thing done?

Would you like to be finished with the workday before it actually gets dark out?

Well, come on then.

Get into the stress-free zone – and let’s take the first step together.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

The first thing you want to do is remember to breathe.

How many times are you working your tail off, or talking 800 miles a minute or running through the office like a headless chicken – only to realize you’ve been holding your breath the entire time.

Let’s do a few quick breathing exercises that beat stress immediately.


  • Breathe in through your nose
  • Bring the oxygen up into your brain as you continue to inhale
  • Exhale slowly out of your mouth.

Do it two more times, relaxing your body more and more each time you exhale.

Nice, right?

One of Many Stress-Relief Tools

Paying conscious attention to your breath is an instant way to alleviate stress anytime, anywhere.

And that’s just the appetizer.

You get six more stress-busting lessons as the entrée in my course: Make Every Day a Stress-Free Beach Day.

So click the button below that says ENROLL NOW and you’re on your way – to smooth, serene sailing every single day.

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