Ever been on the brink of something REALLY COOL only to  have something really crummy happen?

What if I told you it’s not bad luck – but something we do to ourselves.

No kidding.

One of my coaching clients was about to have a phenomenal breakthrough with a discussion with a friend as they were walking through the middle of a Tucson park. This women was so afraid of bringing up the discussion with her pal, that a rattlesnake appeared out of nowhere – mere inches from her friend’s foot.

It was a busy park. They were on a walking path. Rattlesnakes don’t just appear like that – unless, of course, you’re calling them to you with your deepest fears.

If this woman could make a rattlesnake appear out of nowhere to stop her amazing breakthrough with a pal, just imagine all the creepy things we bring into our own lives to block our own success.

While we may have dozens of way to wreck our own success, they typically stem from four main mindsets. Gay Hendricks points out these self-sabotaging mindsets in his book “The Big Leap,” and I explore them in this webinar:

Top 4 Ways We Wreck Our Own Success [Webinar]

Grab some popcorn – and a pen – as you’re going to want to write this stuff down.

Ready to get out of the cycle of self-sabotage?

Check out the Trade Self-Sabotage for Success workshops or, if you missed them, book a coaching call and we’ll make it happen.

How We Wreck Our Own Success – Webinar Podcast

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