If you would have asked me a couple months back what peacock ore looked like, or what healing crystals were good for repelling demons, I would have given you a blank stare.

But now I can confidently tell you that peacock ore is a brightly colored, metallic stone that looks like it belongs in a disco. And black tourmaline is king for keeping pesky demons off your back.

That’s because I came up with a way to learn crystals that:

  • Is MUCH more fun than rote memorization
  • Gives you a way to personally connect with crystals, making them your friends
  • Unleashes your creativity by reviewing and then making your own merry mantras, crystal-inspired art and nifty crystal nicknames for 52 different healing crystals
  • Establishes meaningful, memorable crystal associations that remain in your brain for the long haul

Heck, I was having so much fun with my new crystal friends, that I started keeping an ongoing journal that eventually turned into a book. It’s called:

Fun with Crystals: Workbook and guide for a delightful crystal connection

Fun with Crystals: Workbook & guide for a delightful crystal connection

Questions, comments about the Fun with Crystals book?

Can you guarantee I’ll learn 52 crystals in 52 days? Nope. The book gives you an easy and fun framework for fast crystal learning, but you still have to do the work. If you feature a crystal a day like I did, and are passionate and serious about learning crystals, I can change the answer to a yes, or at least a maybe.

When the 52 days are done, do I throw the book away? No way! Once you go through the initial round of learning crystals, you’ll know enough to keep featuring a different crystal to align with what you need for the day/week/month or year. You’ll then keep learning more about and deepening your connection with healing crystals for an entire lifetime.

What if I already know about crystals? You can still benefit from a new perspective and deeper crystal relationships. While the book was originally conceived as a learning tool for crystals for beginners, it’s sure to amuse anyone with any level of crystal knowledge.

Did you write the book in 52 days, too? Heck no. It took at least 75 days. And that’s with working on it instead of going to art galleries on Saturday night.

Do you usually go to art galleries on Saturday night? No.

How did you pick the 52 crystals to include? I received the Sacred Crystals book by Hazel Raven as a Christmas gift, and that’s what kicked off this entire learning project. Since she knew what she was talking about, I chose to include most of the crystals she highlighted, with a few slight adjustments.

Do I have to buy all 52 crystals to learn about them? No, but it does give you a good excuse to shop. And, like my dear neighbor said, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by bringing all those crystals into your home. Just beware if a huge batch of them arrives all at once.

I purchased all 52 crystals on Etsy, and about 25 ended up delivered on the same day. Wow. The whole house was so electrified with healing crystals power I couldn’t even fall asleep that night. That is, until I discovered keeping lepidolite and moonstone by my bed does wonders for slumber.

Where do I buy Fun with Crystals? The dandy workbook and guide is available on Etsy and Amazon.

What if I want an autographed copy? Email me at rynski@rynskirecovery.com.

Where can I learn more about what’s in the crystal workbook and guide? Get the full lowdown on what’s included on my Fun with Crystals info page.

Thanks for reading – and feel free to send any additional questions or comments my way. My new crystal pals and I will be delighted to answer.

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