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relapse not always part of recovery

Is relapse part of recovery? (HINT: Doesn’t have to be)

When we learn to drive a car, the instructor tells us about the pedals, gears, that impossible thing called parallel parking, and loads of other stuff. But not once do I recall the driving instructor telling me that getting in a crash was part of the driving process. Yet that’s exactly the same kind of …

kids dancing let light shine

Are you afraid to let your light shine?

We’re all born with unique talents and gifts that make each of us stand out from the crowd. We may be brilliant writers, singers, musicians or artists. Perhaps we can calculate mathematical equations quicker than most people sneeze, or throw a perfect curveball, blindfolded, while reciting Latin poetry and standing on our heads. Whatever it …

fear of success rynski blog

How fear of success leads to self-sabotage (Yikes!)

When we’re chugging full-speed ahead down the road to success, a strange thing sometimes happens. All the progress comes to a screeching halt – by our very own doing. Yep, we humans tend to be spectacular creatures at foiling our own success, and this series of posts is about the top four reasons we self-sabotage. …