When I saw the Discovery Magazine headline “How Effective is Alcoholics Anonymous?,” I was ready to brace myself for the worst.

Although Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life and has been the cornerstone of my recovery since 1999, there are always a few Negative Nellies out there who insist it doesn’t work because they hated the one meeting they went to or there’s no scientific proof or whatever whatever.

But now guess what?

There IS!

When I gathered up the gumption to actually click on the headline, I saw:

“For decades, scientists were unsure how well Alcoholics Anonymous worked. An extensive review of AA studies found that it outperforms other common treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy.”

-Discovery Magazine                     


Why am I so thrilled about this?

Not because I put all my faith in science – I have lived and witnessed miracles that defy logic, explanation and even the law of gravity. But those who do rely heavily on science to make decisions now have “proof” that AA is actually effective.

That means the recovery doorway has swung wide open for even more people to give AA a go!

The Discovery article reports AA is particularly effective for contributing to long-term sobriety. That’s because it does more than treat the outward symptom of drinking. It digs deep to address the underlying baggage that may have driven us to drink in the first place.

  • Fear
  • Resentments, anger
  • Unworthiness
  • Guilt, shame
  • Trying to control everything around us
  • Relying on the outer world to give us inner peace
  • Depression, anxiety, apathy

Whew. All that stuff can definitely contribute to alcoholism. But the 12 steps gave me a way out.

The 12 steps can be used by anyone, anywhere – even if you’re not experiencing any type of addiction.

You can read more about my personal experience with A.A. in my book: “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome.” Here’s just one of my observations:

“A.A. is not a cult. It’s more like a party with people cheering you on to succeed.”

-Ryn Gargulinski, How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome 

Even better, I wove some of the AA spiritual principles into my new mastermind – with the same name as the book. My mastermind is open to anyone, in recovery or not, who wants to remove the weight of the world off their shoulders.

Just wait to see what it does for your posture – not to mention your life.

Join us! Learn more.

And if you want to try a pathway to recovery that sticks, give A.A. fair shake. If you didn’t like a meeting you went to, go to a different one. AA is worldwide, free and open to anyone who has a desire to stop drinking.

Experience it for yourself and let me know how it goes

Sending lots of love, happiness and freedom your way.


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