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Dogs add a delightful dose of love into your recovery and overall life. Celebrate them with this full-color cartoon dictionary done up in Rynski style. Enjoy 130 pages of fun.


What does a dog book have to do with recovery? In my world, everything. Dogs helped teach me me how to laugh, live in the moment and, above all, love.

I honored them all by creating The Rynski Doggie Dictionary: Illustrated dog terms, expressions and proverbs.

More than 80 full-color canine cartoons accompany a pack of dog terms, tidbits, expressions and proverbs all punctuated with the Rynski signature style.

Made with love by Tucson writer, artist, and dog Reiki practitioner Ryn Gargulinski, the doggie dictionary serves up:

• A humorous take on dog words and terms
• Real-life origins and meanings of dog expressions and proverbs
• Intro section on doggie basics that includes ear types, body language and the true meaning of a wagging tail

This book is a must for dog owners, dog lovers, wordsmiths and folks who simply dig a really good laugh. Amaze your friends. Amuse your dogs. Astound your family with the perky pooch facts found in this delightful dog dictionary.

About the author

While Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) is the official human author and illustrator of this book, the devoted dog mom has been inspired by her hounds along the way. Current dogs Elmo and Gigi served as muses as well as models for some of the doggie illustrations.

Ryn has long been weaving dogs into her life and career, covering the pet beat at newspapers, writing online dog research articles and blogs, and selling one-of-a-kind dog signs on right here on the Rynski Etsy shop.

With Reiki Level II certification, Rynski now includes Reiki for dogs into the mix.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .3 in