Happy Chameleon Original Art – Rynski Recovery Gifts


Ready for happiness? Then put it on your wall with your very own Happy Chameleon. Original Rynski artwork on canvas. Choose your own colors and include your own happy thoughts if you wish.


Positive thinking can not only get you through the day without kicking someone in the shins, but it can also lead to positive developments throughout your entire life. Give positive thoughts a whirl with your own personal Happy Chameleon.

This gleeful dude consists of pen and ink for the chameleon illustration, glitter paint for the eye and a background of acrylic paint on an 8 x 8 inch canvas.

Choose your colors for the background and eye – and choose your positive thoughts!

The original chameleon

The Happy Chameleon was created as an art therapy exercise that asked us to artify one of the happiest moment of our lives. My thoughts immediately went to a past yoga retreat I attended in Tulum, Mexico, where a chameleon used to hang out in the top corner of the yoga hut.

The trip had a massive enough impact to prompt me to move out of my long-time home of NYC to pursue a full-time journalism career across the nation. Chameleon details feature my trip out of misery to happiness, out of jam-packed NYC to the open plains of the Wild West.

Personalize your Happy Chameleon

Think of a happy moment in your life, or bunches of happy moments, and send me a few. I shall then transform those thoughts into small, artistic details within your chameleon.