Beware of Jerks Metal Sign – Rynski Recovery Gifts


Remind yourself or a pal to keep jerky people out of your life with this funny metal sign. I’d tell you who inspired it, but then I’d probably get sued. Hand-crafted and hand-painted by Rynski.


Yeah, we know. There’s plenty o’ jerks out there. Most of us probably dated several before we made it into recovery. Remind yourself a pal to steer clear of jerks with this fun and funky metal sign.

Friendly, colorful fellow promises to deter all nosy neighbors, disgruntled exes and all other jerks from your yard. Send a clear message that you don’t take any crap – from anybody.

Great for offices and bedrooms or hung high on the porch. Indoor or outdoor use, weatherproof paint and metal with filed edges for safety’s sake. Wire loop for easy hanging.

Approx. 14 high x 10 wide

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1 in