Do you struggle with stress, fret and overwhelm, and then try to cope using habits like these:

  • Eating a whole box of cookies, candies or cake in a single sitting
  • Buying way too many shoes, handbags or other stuff to make yourself feel better
  • Drinking or using drugs to escape
  • Putting up a tough façade, as if everything is just fine
  • Being afraid to let people see or know the “real you”
  • Pretending “You’ve got this,” although you’re falling apart deep inside

The people-pleasing perfectionist inside you that’s trying to control EVERYTHING makes the whole situation even worse.

I know because I’ve been there. Nearly drank myself to death at the age of 29.

Once I hit my near-death bottom, I knew I had to change if I wanted to see age 30. So I embraced a spiritual design for living that has transformed my everything. I learned how to:

Connect with the spiritual realm: The spiritual realm is where the real magic happens. A strong spiritual connection continues to be what keeps me in a high vibrational zone, far from that aforementioned stress, fret and overwhelm.

Unload past baggage: It’s tough to grow and thrive when you’re weighed down by a lifetime of things you cannot or will not let go: resentments, fear, guilt, shame and regrets. I had to gut them out and release them, once and for all.

Heal and forgive: Unloading the baggage for good meant forgiving others, as well as myself. I am human and did the best I could have done at that time. Forgiveness cleanses the heart and soul. Forgiveness lets me continue to move forward.

Live in harmony with the world around me: While I still may not like everything that comes my way, I have learned the only way to live in peace is to accept them. Some things I can accept and then change. Others, I simply have to accept that that’s the way they are.

I now teach others how to achieve the same freedom, joy and dazzle that I enjoy on a daily basis. And you don’t have to wait until you’re at a deep dark bottom to move into the light, either. You can start at any time. The sooner, the better.

Especially when you start to experience what you’ve been missing:

  • Serenity and support in everything you do
  • Confidence and freedom to be your authentic self
  • Fulfillment in place of the void that required emotional eating, drinking or shopping
  • A happy, floaty feeling that can stick around all day, everyday

After 20 years of recovery and a sole focus on my writing and art career, I hit a plateau. I was bored as heck and knew I needed to do more.

When I asked for divine guidance on what’s next, I was led into coaching, Reiki and energy healing. I became certified as a life and recovery coach as well as a Reiki master/teacher and am in the midst of additional energy healing certifications.

The more I learn and experience, the more I can share. It’s an exciting time for growth, and I am raring to go! I am also so gratified when I can help others experience their own transformations.

I know. Asking for help is hard. I only ended up doing so when I was at death’s door. Hopefully no one else has to wait that long, as it’s a dismal place to be.

If you or someone you know feels like they’re stuck on the hamster wheel of life with no way out, I’d like to meet you.

I offer a combination of coaching and Reiki programs for people who are ready to rise above the madness and live in harmony.

To learn more, contact me or schedule a complimentary coaching call.

Drowning in a sea of stress, fret and overwhelm? Let me help you rise above the madness to enjoy serenity, success and one hell of a life.

What coaching can do for you

Super-charge your creativity

  • Get into a writing, art, music, creation groove
  • Open your own Etsy art shop = My Rynski Etsy shop has rocked more than 500 orders
  • Write that book already = I have more than nine books and 1,000+ poems to credit

Expand your skills

  • Learn how to tattoo, weld, ride a motorcycle, yoga paddle board
  • Improve all relationships
  • Rock your existing job – or get a new one!
  • Dive into new hobbies = One of mine became gardening, with the Rynski Magic Garden in the backyard of Tucson home
  • Leave mediocrity behind

Tap into divine guidance

  • Start or strengthen daily spiritual practices: meditation, prayer, affirmations
  • Establish a strong recovery plan that frees you from alcohol, drugs, destructive behaviors, depression, stress and other things you’re ready to grow out of = My recovery from alcohol began in 1999 — and keeps getting better every year!
  • Find or refine your life purpose
  • Boost your productivity, happiness and serenity levels
  • Kick off or continue your ongoing upward climb
  • Tune into abundance and prosperity
  • Embrace a high-vibe, inspired life
  • Remove lingering blocks holding you back
  • Make the BIG LEAP into your Zone of Genius (as per Gay Hendricks)
  • Refresh your beliefs: I am worthy. I am AMAZING. I am receiving all the good the universe has for me NOW.

I expand in abundance, success and love every day, and I inspire those around me to do the same.

rynski gratitude collage

Rynski Coaching helps courageous souls who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back so they can rock their world.

We’re all recovering from something. And we all deserve a life filled with freedom, love, joy and the ability to reach our fullest potential. I’d be honored to serve as the guide who gets you there.