5 Things Successful Women Do Every Day

No matter how hard you work, does it sometimes feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? Are you achieving the results you want – or are you stuck at what seems like an everlasting plateau?

If you’re spinning and spinning with nothing but stress and frustration to show for it, it’s time to change gears. These five habits can start the shift immediately.

Secret to success in everything you do:

  1. Wake up and – RELAX. Don’t rush around like a headless chicken the moment you get out of bed. Sit in absolute silence for at least two minutes, savoring that first cup of coffee and early morning ambiance.
  2. Delegate. Yes, you ARE amazing. But you’ll still be amazing even if you don’t do EVERYTHING yourself. Delegate tasks and duties to those that can help, whether you ask nicely or hire someone. When it comes to the BIG STUFF that stresses you out and is out of your control, give it over to God. God is always willing to handle anything so you don’t have to. Think how much extra time and energy you’ll have without worrying about all those extra things.
  3. Exercise. Even 20 minutes a day, broken up into 5-minute sessions, can do wonders for your body, mind and soul. All those feel-good endorphins also add a burst of energy and clarity to every task.
  4. Focus on the good. Every time you find yourself harping about something bad, STOP and find at least ONE GOOD THING about the situation. Staying in a positive frame of mind keeps you in a high-vibe, grateful, abundance zone.
  5. Schedule time just for yourself. You schedule time for kids, dogs, work and errands. It’s time to add non-negotiable self-care habits to your list. Morning ritual that includes two minutes of silence every morning. Bubble bath, 8 p.m., Saturdays. No exceptions.

Have you ever been so stressed by your perceived lack of success you turned to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, social media addiction or shopping for relief?

“Everyone deserves abundance, success and love,” said Ryn Gargulinski, an award-winning writer, artist, Reiki master and healer. “But it takes more than talent, skill, a solid education and hard work to get it. It takes alignment with the universe.”

Ryn has transformed from a drunken mess to a successful solopreneur who looks, feels and does the best she can – every single day. The 12 steps started it all, so she adapted them into a workbook geared specifically for stressed-out women seeking ultimate success: The 12 Steps for Everyone.

Fupping loves ‘The 12 Steps for Everyone‘  

Ranks as Best Self-Help Book Every Woman Should Read

Does it feel like your ultimate success is being blocked by something you just can’t put your finger on? You may be right.

We all accumulate baggage that bogs us down and, unless we deal with it, it can create huge barriers between the life we have and the life we want.

The 12 Steps for Everyone gets rid of old baggage and blockades that are hindering your life, paving the paving the way for freedom, joy and that six-figure income you deserve.

When asked by Fupping what the 12 Steps for Everyone was all about, Ryn said, “Remember that manual for living you always wanted? Here it is. It’s a guidebook that sets the foundation for triumph in everything you do.”

This book clearly lays out a plan how YOU CAN BE THE BEST YOU possible. – Lynn P.

12 steps for everyone ryn gargulinski

Certified Reiki master and professional coach Ryn Gargulinski says “The 12 steps not only saved my life, they GAVE me a life.” Her book is a game changer for all those who want to trade stress for serenity and fret for success.

The 12 Steps for Everyone is an 84-page paperback packed with everything you need to get the steps working in your life. Workbook is $36 and sold on Amazon and the RynskiRecovery.com website.

The 12 Steps for Everyone workbook walks readers through the 12 steps, with worksheets, examples and sensational suggestions for making the steps part of your daily life. Original Rynski illustrations and touch of humor included, no extra cost.

The 12 Steps for Everyone

Get a taste for what the book is all about:

Ryn Gargulinski thought she would be dead by the time she was 30. And she had been well on her way. She was so stressed, disgusted and depressed she drank herself nearly to death by age 29.

Then she met the 12 steps. For the past 24+ years, she has used them consistently to get through tough situations, follow her dreams, and enliven her overall life.

“One of the biggest mistakes amazing women constantly is creating their own drama and stress where none needs to exist,” she said. “I know because I did it myself for years.

“We have an uncanny knack for creating negative energy around thoughts, situations and basically anything that comes up in life. We don’t need to eat, shop or drink 25 beers for relief. We need to change our way of thinking, acting and being. We can do that through the steps.”

ryn gargulinski rynski cape coral reiki meditation

Ever since she was a kid, Ryn knew there was more to life than work-a-boring-job-get-old-die. So she fled to NYC with $200 and a duffel bag to get “discovered” as the famous writer and artist she was hankering to be. She sat on stoops, in bars, in the park and waited.

But she didn’t get rich and famous. She got drunk and stupid. And almost dead by 29. She quit drinking in 1999 just so she wouldn’t die, yet didn’t truly didn’t begin to thrive until she went through the 12 steps.

“I didn’t want anything to do with the steps when I first quit drinking,” Ryn said. “They scared the bejesus out of me. Personal inventory? Amends? Ugh!”

Her misery finally outweighed her fear, and she went for it. Once she felt the weight of stress, fear, resentments, shame, worry and woe lifted through working through the steps, she realized they work for recovery as well as everything else, from relationships to business – and beyond.

She created her book 12 Steps for Everyone so other women could easily tap into the magic formula.

With the steps as her foundation, Ryn has been able to establish a successful freelance writing and art career, open a Rynski Etsy shop, publish eight books, and become a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and certified professional coach. She also continues to flourish on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

“When somebody says to you, ‘You succeed at everything you do!’ that’s the steps at work.”

The 12 Steps for Everyone is book is a must for anyone looking for straightforward solutions to life’s problems. Ryn has an amazing sense of humor and tons of knowledge. She transforms what could have been a tedious and dry subject of working through the steps into a truly enjoyable experience. – Brenda B.

Get your copy of The 12 Steps for Everyone. You’ll love it.

Ryn doesn’t just teach others about the steps. She LIVES them. No empty talk, no far-off theories, and definitely no expectations of doing anything she hasn’t done herself. If you find yourself freaking out over the steps, set up a coaching session for one-to-one guidance from an experienced pro.

Why go it alone?

Super-charge your rise to success with a trusted guide. Certified coach and Reiki master Ryn Gargulinski is at your service. Bundle your 12 Steps for Everyone book with coaching sessions for the most rapid and profound results. Coaching sessions are one hour on Zoom, phone or in person and can include Reiki if desired.

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What are you waiting for?

Women who work the steps are far more likely to be happy, energized and successful – every single day. Getting rid of blockades tends to do that to a person. Join the Rynski Joy group on Facebook to keep up your high-vibe momentum.