serenity prayer with cool background

The serenity prayers goes with recovery like peanut butter goes with waffles and sliced applesĀ (or jelly if you prefer).

Not only is the serenity prayer fast and easy to memorize, but it can soothe the aches and pains of any and every situation.

The serenity prayer can help with:

  • Destructive pack rats
  • Barking dogs
  • Neighbors that complain about your barking dogs
  • Bosses that yell at you in front of everyone
  • Boyfriends who leave dirty underwear hanging on the doorknob
  • Girlfriends who leave clean underwear hanging on the shower curtain rod
  • Any friend that lets you down
  • Losing big money in the stock market
  • Losing small change at the car wash
  • Burnt casseroles
  • Bad eye injuries
  • Life in general
  • Death for sure







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