Tucson Coaching Workshop: Saying YES to Less

Date 2019-10-24
LocationLighthouse City YMCA

Who else wants less stress, less chaos and less worry in their life?

Get it at the Tucson Rynski Power Coaching Workshop:

Saying YES to LESS

  • Overcome Overwhelm
  • Learn TOP SECRET to Serenity
  • Master the Art of Saying NO

Cost is $25.

Current Rynski Coaching clients and Platinum Dazzle Club members attend free!

Whichever option you choose, advanced registration is REQUIRED.

Workshops include group discussion, in-session activity and artwork homework from certified professional life and recovery coach Ryn Gargulinski.

Tucson coaching workshops held the fourth Thursday of every month, each month with a new topic.

Open to women and men of all backgrounds and ages who want to rock their world.

More info email: rynski@rynskirecovery.com

CLICK HERE to register for Tucson coaching workshop.