ryn gargulinski rynski

After a night of heavy drinking – that lasted more than a decade – Rynski was on the brink of death. But she wasn’t ready to die. Although she initially turned to recovery merely to survive, she instead found it provided a miraculous way to thrive.

But it sure hasn’t been one big happy pappy romp in the park. Since she quit drinking in 1999, Ryn has been plagued by bad depression, worse boyfriends, being laid off, near foreclosure and grief so intense over losing her soulmate dog that it drove her back into therapy.

Drinking wasn’t an option throughout it all. Neither was hiding under the bed (although that sounded like a great idea at the time). She instead relied on the support of friends, family, recovery groups, strategic tools and one heck of a spiritual connection to get up, dust herself off and move forward with hope.

Now a successful solopreneur who has run her own kick-butt writing and art business since 2009, Ryn has expanded to include coaching services in her lineup.

She helps amazingly creative women who want more out of life than sleep-work-sleep get their dazzle back to they can rock their world.

Everyone deserves to have a life filled with love, joy and fun. And with enough hard work and the right tools, anyone can transform a nightmarish existence into a life of their dreams.

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