Tucson Rynski Power Coaching Workshop: Is Money Mad at You?

Date 2019-09-26
LocationLighthouse City YMCA

Wondering why you’re always kind of broke?

Or why you can’t seem to earn what you deserve to be paid?

Come to the September Rynski Power Coaching Workshop Tucson to find out.

SEPTEMBER TOPIC: Is Money Mad at You?

  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Woo money your way
  • Feel WORTHY of the money you deserve

Cost is $75 to get a BONUS one-on-one 30-minute personal coaching call you schedule up to 30 days after the event.

Cost is $50 without the bonus phone call.

Current Rynski Coaching clients and Platinum Dazzle Club members attend free!

Whichever option you choose, advanced registration is REQUIRED for a headcount.

Workshops include group discussion, in-session activity and artwork homework from certified professional life and recovery coach Ryn Gargulinski.

Tucson coaching workshops held the fourth Thursday of every month, each month with a new topic.

Open to women and men of all backgrounds and ages who want to tap into their true power while having tons of fun.

More info email: rynski@rynskirecovery.com

CLICK HERE to register for Tucson coaching workshop.