Gaze up into a starry sky and it’s easy to be convinced the universe is magical. And its power becomes even more magical when we realize how closely it’s listening to everything we say to deliver exactly what we ask for. The big danger here, however, is when we inadvertently ask for the wrong thing.

That said, here come four things I’ve learned NEVER to say to the universe (all learned the hard way, of course).

Don’t, not, and all other negations

The universe is a busy entity, so it doesn’t always have the time to comb through the little details of what you’re asking for. It notices the BIG important words, of course, but it may skip over the smaller ones. In other words, it’s unable to process words like “don’t,” “can’t,” won’t,” and other negations.

So if you say “I’m not going to fall,” all the universe hears is “fall” and most likely treats you to a tumble. That’s what you asked for, right? You’ll find the same phenomenon with similar phrases, like “Don’t worry,” “Don’t be late,” “Don’t have a cow about it.” Say those three things really loud, and the next thing you know you’ll be worrying, late and somehow the brand new parent of a cow that came sauntering out of nowhere.

  • The lesson: The universe doesn’t register negations
  • What to say instead: Be calm, Be on time, Be safe, and similar positive statements


“Should” is a crummy word to begin with, which is probably why the universe has absolutely no idea what it means. So it won’t fulfill any requests that contain it. A prime example came from a book I was reading on increasing your psychic powers.

The psychic author said she was helping a client who wanted to know if she “should” marry her boyfriend. The psychic relayed the question to the universe – and got nary a peep as a response.

She decided to ask the question a different way, so she said, “What will happen if my client marries her boyfriend?”

BOOM. The universe responded loud and clear with a vision of a couple fighting and being broke.

  • The lesson: The universe doesn’t register “should.” Things either are or aren’t. There’s no time for this “should” business.   
  • What to say instead: Ask for different case scenarios, such as what will happen if you do one thing instead of the other, and vice versa

My week can’t get any worse from here

Early one Monday morning as I was sitting in the dentist chair getting a titanium screw drilled into my upper jaw, I had a soothing thought: “At least this ensures my week can get any worse from here.”

After all, I was sure that my week could only go uphill if the starting point was a dental implant.

Thanks to my talk about things getting worse, I was wrong. By Tuesday I had a mysterious stomachache. And by Wednesday I discovered someone had hacked into my credit card account and racked up hundreds of bucks worth of charges at some kind of online shopping club.

  • The lesson: Reinforcement the universe doesn’t do negatives
  • What to say instead: My week can only get better from here

What else can go wrong?

Now that you have the general gist of how this stuff works, you’re sure to have a clear idea of what can happen when you ask the universe this loaded question. And those who have asked it know full well how quickly the universe can deliver something else gone wrong.

  • The lesson: Only ask questions to which you want the answer  
  • What to say instead: What else can go right?

The universe is always there for us, ready to fulfill our desires. The trick is to make sure we’re not giving it mixed messages – or inadvertently asking for the next disaster, calamity or credit card hack.

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