Whether it’s a cockroach or a dazzling gemstone, everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. You can often feel the vibrational levels of certain objects – especially the ones that give off creepy vibes. You can also pick up on the vibes of other folks, again, especially when they’re creepy.

What’s your vibrational frequency?

Your own vibrational level can vary, depending on where you’re at in your body, mind and soul. You know you’re having a high vibe day when you’re positive, enthusiastic and energized. Low vibe days, on the other hand, make us want to slither forever back into bed.

Of course, there are other vibrational levels between the two extremes, including a complacent middle that I like to call the Meh Zone. That’s when you enter a state of settling for crap and begin to sample apathy. The Meh Zone is a dangerous place. Stay there too long without taking action, and you’ll eventually be pulled into the horrid depths of the low vibe zone.

Danger zone: Low vibrational frequency

Once you’re in the low vibe zone, you become a magnet for low vibe things, which stick to you like white dog hair on a black coat. As you continue to be immersed in the low vibrational frequency, your outlook becomes bleaker every day. In a bid to feel better, you may start turning to quick, unhealthy fixes, like alcohol, drugs, needless shoe shopping or eating a whole box of double-stuff Oreos. But alas, they do not work. Only make you feel worse.

This is not to say that every person in a low vibe zone is destined to become addicted to something unhealthy. But it is noting the risk is much greater when life seems like one low vibrational mélange of annoyance and despair.

Blissful zone: The high vibe life

Getting out of the low vibe zone can be difficult, not to mention a real pain in the butt. But it can be done. And once you’re back in the high vibe zone, it’s easier to follow a regular high vibrational frequency routine than it is to once again claw your way out of the low vibe zone. (Believe me, I know. Ugh!)

High vibe vs. low vibe things

An example of high and low vibe things can help you pinpoint the same in your own life.

Morning walk Morning beer
Healthy relationships Stalkers, abusers and soul suckers
Getting out of the house Going out of your mind
Exercise Binge-eating Oreos
Enthusiasm Pessimism
Praising Criticizing
Prayer and meditation Pouting and moping
Looking for the good Finding the bad
Positive mindset Negative thoughts
Reiki Rambling newscasts
Setting moths free Squashing bugs
Fueling your soul Draining your brain
Inspired work and celebrations Irritants and tolerations
Organized home Dishes in the sink
Socializing with high-vibe folks Isolating with low-vibe cockroaches
Love and joy Hate and headaches
Himalayan salt lamps Naked lightbulbs
Essential oils Sewage smells
Crystals Dust bunnies
Laughter Lamenting
Wagging tails Accumulated dog poop
Freedom Addiction

The Rynski Vibration Chart

All that said, I drew up a vibrational frequency chart the other day to remind myself of the importance of fueling up on high vibe thoughts, surroundings, activities and pals if I want to say out of the Meh Zone or low vibrational horror.

download vibrational frequency chart
downloadable vibration chart

The same way low vibe living attracts low vibe things like addiction and demons, high vibe living attracts goodness, wealth, abundance, freedom, serenity, angels and bliss. That beats the heck out of a black coat covered in white dog hair any day of the week.

Want to give it a go? Schedule a free 30-min coaching call and I’ll send you a copy of the Download your own high-res, full-color copy of the Rynski Vibration Chart – with a BONUS blank chart to fill in your own high vibe and low vibe entries. See you in the high vibe zone!

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