When I ask people if I may send them Reiki, I get a variety of responses. Some wholeheartedly exclaim “Yes, please!” while others mumble what kind of sounds like an affirmative. A third batch of folks looks at me quizzically, as they’re not sure what Reiki is or what it does.

I was the same way until about two years ago. That’s when I dove wholeheartedly into Reiki. I now wonder – sometimes out loud in the supermarket checkout line – how I ever lived without it.

While some may view Reiki as an esoteric practice that’s too convoluted or complex to understand, the concept is really quite simple – especially if it’s explained in cartoons. Check it out.

Divine energy in the sky

reiki basics in rynski cartoons

The universe is swirling with divine energy, although most of it stays up in divine areas like heaven, the clouds or somewhere around Mars.

Reiki provides a way for that divine energy to be shuttled from its lofty heights to us earthlings down here on the ground.

Reiki practitioners as channels

reiki basics in rynski cartoons

Reiki practitioners have gone through at least one level of the three levels of Reiki attunement, which are like initiations.

This gives them the ability to serve as a channel for the divine energy, bringing it down from the heavens to you, your pets, your houseplants, your car or anything else that begs to be Reiki-ized.

The Reiki energy is thought to enter a Reiki practitioner through the crown chakra, which is at the top of the head. It then travels through the practitioner’s body and out through her hands.

Reiki has mind of its own

reiki basics in rynski cartoons

When she places her hands on or above certain object or body areas, she is giving Reiki a hint of where it would be ideal to flow.

Reiki, however, has a mind of its own. Its mission is always to contribute to the greater good, whatever it may be. That means it automatically flows where it’s needed most.

Reiki is intelligent energy

reiki basics in rynski cartoons

That also means the results of Reiki energy may not always be what is desired or expected by us earthlings.

Divine energy is much smarter than we are, and serving the greater good is its one and only mission. It may listen to our suggestions to be polite, but it’s going to do what it wants to do anyway.

Reiki knows the greater good

reiki basics in rynski cartoons

If a person or pet is ailing beyond a certain point, for instance, Reiki may know that the greater good that’s needed is to assist with the transition out of this life into the next.

Reiki is some seriously powerful stuff. Which is what makes it so amazing.

I’ll definitely keep sharing tidbits about Reiki going forward. We’ll get more Reiki basics, Reiki benefits and what to expect from a session. I’ll also share my experience about what it felt like to go through the first two Reiki attunements. Hope you enjoy!

Want to learn more about what Reiki can do for you (or your dog, cat or hamster)? Schedule a free Reiki consultation.

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